Kandelaki advocated fairness in the exam

Popular TV presenter Tina Kandelaki appeared in a video in support of the honest passing of the USE.
Tina Kandelaki
Tina Kandelaki
Tina Kandelaki
Tina Kandelaki
Tina Kandelaki during filming
Tina Kandelaki
Tina Kandelaki
Tina Kandelaki with Anna Usacheva

Together with the Ministry of Education and Science, a video will be released soon, where Tina acted as a modern teacher. According to the plot Kandelaki for the exam rides on a moped.

The video is intended to explain to schoolchildren in an accessible language for them that by choosing the honest method of passing the EGE, they determine their way of life in which there is no room for cheat sheets and reloads.

According to Tina, the desire to go the easiest way and write off - this is a psychological trap.

Many at school thought that they would write off on the exam once, and afterwards they would all learn.

Practice shows that these gaps in education cannot be filled “after”, and the successful implementation of a graduate in the future requires constant work on himself. Life gives you an estimate, but does not give you the opportunity to learn the right solution from the cheat sheet.It is important to teach the younger generation to make independent decisions and understand their responsibility for them already at school.

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