Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx want to have a baby

Katie Holmes is now nothing to fear: five years after the divorce from Tom Cruise has passed, which means that the conditions of the marriage contract no longer limit her either in the choice of partners, or even in the public demonstration of feelings towards them. But all these years, Katie’s partner was only one: 50-year-old actor Jamie Foxx, whom she met at a party in Los Angeles. Lovers can finally spend time with each other anywhere and even, according to rumors, soon going to get married. But that's not all: it turns out, the couple are planning a child with might and main!

Publication from Katie Holmes (@ katieholmes212)Dec 29, 2017 at 8:00 PST

“Jamie and Katie have repeatedly discussed the possibility of having a common child. Fox loves Cathy very much and is confident that they will have a lovely baby. They also feel that they are ready to appear in public and show their love, "the insider shared. Katie, by the way, doesn't want to be pregnant: the 39-year-old actress is worried about the fact that he and Jamie had to wait too long, and more and more often raise this topic in conversations with friends.In addition, the little Suri in April marks 11 years of age: the transitional age is ahead, so now is probably the most suitable moment for expanding the family ... Motherhood for Katie always came first: after the divorce from Tom Cruise, she tried to do everything to ensure suri's "normal childhood".

“Every day, children are moving away from you. This can not be avoided. And we understand that children need to become more independent, there is nothing bad in it, but the heart breaks when you observe it. Mother’s gut wants the child to stay close at all times, and an understanding of the changes that have come into your life is both frightening and saddening, ”the actress told in an interview.

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