Kerosene Flashlight Upgrade

It so happened in the old village houses that even the most unnecessary and completely outdated thing could by no means be thrown away, but was carried away “out of sight”, in the hope that someday it would be useful. And it was useful. After all, an old electric lamp on a porch of a country house turned out from an old kerosene lamp. You can, of course, buy in the store ready, but there is something subtlely attractive in the forms of old things. Yes, and a home-made piece of furniture will emphasize your individuality favorably. You will need: • the lamp itself • a light bulb (better energy saving, it heats up less) • an electric cartridge for a light bulb
• wire • a piece of tin or plywood • some nitro-enamel for painting • several self-tapping screws • 3-4 hours of free time First you need to take the flashlight apart. Carefully remove the glass and the part on which it rests on the bottom edge.
Kerosene flashlight upgrade
From the bottom of the diameter of the electric cartridge, cut a hole with any available tool.
Upgrade of a kerosene flashlight
The photo is drilled around the perimeter and processed with a round file. The same should be done with a glass support only to choose the diameter according to the size of the cartridge skirt. From inside the lantern and in the upper part of the vertical stand drill two holes with a diameter of 8 mm. and stretch the wire in them.
kerosene flashlight upgrade
 Upgrade of a kerosene flashlight
The next step is to fasten a cartridge based on thin tin or plywood and screw it with self-tapping screws to the bottom of the lantern. Now the whole structure needs to be cleaned with sandpaper, degreased and painted in several layers with nitro enamel. If you like vintage shabby, you can not paint. When final assembly, first place the light bulb inside the glass bulb. Then insert them together into the body of the lantern.Then slightly lift the glass and, slowly, using the gap formed under the glass, screw the bulb into the cartridge. The lamp is ready.
 Kerosene flashlight upgrade
 Upgrade for a kerosene flashlight

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