Kim Kardashian regrets that she used the services of a surrogate mother

Kim Kardashian never hid the difficulty with which she managed to carry out two children - the daughter North and the son St. She endured a second pregnancy with such complications that she demanded from her husband Kanye West a Lorraine Schwartz diamond necklace as compensation for the physical and moral suffering caused.

Now Kim is waiting for the birth of a third child - this time from a surrogate mother, because health does not allow her to safely endure herself. And in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she admitted that it is even worse than giving birth on her own. “You know how I hate being pregnant,” Kim complained. - I think this is the most terrible period in my life. But when another woman is carrying your baby, believe me, this is even worse! ”

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What so upsets the future mother of many children? First, Kim is afraid that she will not have time to prepare for the appearance of her daughter (yes, it will be a girl!) Into the world, because she does not carry her under her heart. Plus, Kim was faced with difficulties, how to explain to older children that they will soon have a sister when they have never seen a mother with a stomach. "I do not know how they will react to her birth," Kim worried.

"You are very mistaken if you think that surrogate motherhood is easier than natural birth," she assures. - It's just the opposite: you can not keep everything under control, you have to trust a stranger and learn how to get along with him. But even if you found the perfect surrogate mother, I repeat, everything is very, very difficult. It is much more difficult than I could imagine. ”

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