KITCHENS: Interior, details, layouts, beautiful

The photo collection is mostly small kitchen rooms. And all because my kitchen is small and I want to make it not only comfortable, but also pleasant. But there are many interesting details. The main thing is to choose what is also not easy.

Top view is wonderful

Good idea for a table: very small, but suitable for breakfast

Strictly and businesslike

To surround the furniture window, too, must be able to

Great fridge fit perfectly, it turns out you can. And the cabinet NAD quite decently smotrietsya. Yes, and lockers themselves - narrow. Here I love, when the dishes in different jars in one row: opened and immediately see what you need.

Also tiny kitchen, compact

A photo of the same kitchen as in the photo above - on the other hand. And quite practical-nice shelf-table

Without a word, but with pleasure I show

If the kitchen is long and narrow ...

And the refrigerator can be separated from the gas stove

Simple but tasteful

When everything has its place, it is convenient


Well, this is almost a huge kitchen, even the sofa came in.

Here the kitchen is connected to the room.

What is good in the kitchen is the cabinets to the ceiling!

Just dream to connect the windowsill like that, along with the work surfaces, so that in these tiny spaces between the walls never anything falls 🙂

A good place!

Perhaps I will agree: cabinets with glass doors give airiness

I believe many of us are familiar with the arrangement))) When she saw me, she shuddered: they sat like that in a friend's kitchen, drinking tea and chatting

The kitchen is large, but the wall with a stove-sink, which is always always there, is decorated with an interesting

Large kitchen - to enjoy the eye space

Well, something like this: look, choose, dream.

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