Kitty Ryzhik

Children always like small soft toys. Kids play with them with pleasure, take them on walks and to kindergarten, go to bed with them. You can sew such a wonderful soft friend with your child, and then he will be especially dear to him for many years. Let's try to make, for example, a cute kitten from a bright orange fleece. This fascinating activity will not take too long, but the child will surely remember the day when you sewed together a funny soft toy and the baby received the first soft friend.
Red Kitten
To do the work we need: - white and orange fleece; - synthetic winterizer; - scissors; - yellow thread; - needle; - two blue buttons and one pink (it is possible and other shades); - green ribbon.
 we need
Order of work: First we need to make patterns of all the details. To do this, draw on a piece of paper patterns of the body,legs and head of the future kitten.
 make patterns
 make patterns
Next, carefully cut out all the pieces of paper, impose them on the wrong side of orange fleece colors and stroke the marker. Do not forget to retreat half a centimeter from the edge of the pattern - this will be the allowances for the seams. Cut two pieces of fabric from the body, head and legs. We impose one detail of the legs on the detail of the body and sew along the edge. We sew the second part of the body and legs in exactly the same way.
 sew the trunk part
Now you need to sew the details of the trunk together. Stitches from the side of the neck and tummy while temporarily left untwisted.  leave not stitched
Turn off the trunk part on the front side.
Invert the part
Next, we fill the kitten's body with a padding polyester through the previously left unstitched seams. This stage of work can be allowed to make the child. It will be quite under his power.In addition, he should take an active part in creating his friend.
 we fill the kitten's body with a padding polyester
Now it's time to sew a secret seam from tummy.
sew up secret stitching
Next, sew the head parts, again leaving a small, non-sewn area in the bottom.
We do head
Now it is necessary to turn the head part to the front side and make seams that will separate the ears from the face. And again the task for your baby. You need to fill your head with a sintepon. Then you sew it neatly onto the body.
 Sew head to torso
From the white fleece, cut the oval and stitch sewn to the front of the head. This will be the kitten's face.
 oval and looped seam
Now the kitten's face needs to be decorated so that it has a finished look.To do this, sew blue eyes, buttons and a spout of pink buttons.
 pink button nose
A child can tie a new friend a kitten a satin ribbon bow .
tie a kitty bow
The work is almost finished. It remains to give the kitten a nickname. For example, let's call it Ryzhik. Such a toy will appeal to both boys and girls and, most likely, will not get bored, because it is sewn with its own hands.
 Kitten the Redhead

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