Knitting collars

Knitting collarsThe scheme of knitting a collar with knitting needles is very simple. It can even be performed by a beginner, however, for this you need a little patience and some good examples.


For the first time the collar appeared in the 13th century and looked like a narrow strip, which was gradually transformed into a collar-rack. In modern fashion, there are many types of collars that adorn not only women's clothing, but also men's. The shape and size of the collar changes to suit the fashion, but try to select it in accordance with the material, your figure and the face oval.


Fashion is cyclical: what was fashionable a long time ago, again gaining popularity. Here and in a new season knitted collars have turned to hit of sales in many European countries. A collar can be a separate part of the wardrobe, and part of a sweater or dress. We offer you several types of knitted collars for women.


Knitting: collar "collar"


Knitting collar "yoke" is very similar to knitting elastic bands for socks, only loops will be needed more.There are two types of collars of this type: gradually expanding and straight. Do not forget about the thickness of the spokes - the thicker they are, the more prominent the collar will turn out.


The most successful pattern is a scarf, stocking or elastic. Straight collar is the easiest to knit, you knit a regular rectangle, and then sew its ends. Or you can use the technique of circular knitting. We suggest you try the option in the form of a trapezoid.


Knitting collars


Start knitting from the widest edge, then it will cover your shoulders. Take circular knitting needles, they will facilitate your work. Measure the thread diameter of the bottom edge of the product, double this length and type the desired number of loops. Tie a circle with a height of 20-25 cm (the larger the number, the greater will be the depth of the collar).


Knitting collars


Next, begin to reduce the loop, forming a trapezoid. To begin with, remove in every fourth row of eight loops, then remove in every second row. As a result, you should have a narrow edge less than one third wide. After that you can close all the loops. Align the edges of the collar and crochet them.


Knitting with needles: a collar of a shawl


Knitting collars


The shawl collar is one of the most relevant design solutions.And do not think that only our grandmothers wear this style. Modern designers can so successfully beat this model that you will want to wear it without removing it.


Shawl collar knits simultaneously with the shelf in the vertical direction. You can dial the loop from the edge of the shelf series and in the horizontal direction. The finished collar is sewn to the product.


Knitting collars


Knitting: stand collar


Stand collar can be tied, and then sewn into the product. Type the necessary number of loops on the circular knitting needles and knit in a circle. In this case, the dial edge will be the top edge of the collar. Two facial must replace two purl loops. The number of loops of the initial row is a multiple of four. When you have finished knitting the collar, perform two more rows of facial loops and close the auxiliary thread. After that, you can sew the collar to the product.


Knitting collars


Knitting collars


Knitting openwork collar knitting


Such a collar will be able to decorate any dress. At first glance, it seems difficult, the main thing is to begin. Loops for an openwork collar need to be recruited weakly, so that the collar does not constrict. Type 93 loop and knit pattern.The scheme is read from right to left, the even rows are knitted with purl loops. Collar crocheted: three loops, tie 10-12 VP, then three more loops and again 10-12 VP. Fine starch collar and dry it.

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