Know your �aging code�: what kind of care you need

The numerologist compiled the first cosmetological reference book on the psychomatrix.

Have you ever wondered why already good six months can not get rid of bags under the eyes? And the girlfriend is beautiful and without any cosmetics there? Why do some people always wrinkle their foreheads while others curl their lips?

If you have already lowered half the salary to the beautician's offices for a long time, and there are no forces from the �grandmother�s masks�, then this cosmetological horoscope is for you. The numerologist Olga Pertseva is sure that the appearance of wrinkles is directly related to the date of our birth. Want to learn how to properly take care of your face? Just calculate your matrix, by thinking of �calculate the Pythagorean matrix� or using a mobile application.

And then that you should see in it ...

Jan 19, 2018 at 8:50 PST

Matrix of old age

You are in the risk zone if you have three or more units in the �Character� column, a strong �Debt� sector (a large number of eights) and in the �Memory� column there are many nines.

�Such people are more prone to nasolabial wrinkles, lip wrinkles, eyebrow wrinkles, double chins, bags under the eyes and goose paws,� says Olga Pertseva. - A great moral load, the desire to take care of your loved ones, then yourself. A strong emotional clamp, frequent depressions and sufferings, a feeling of unrequited love and care, a person puts a lot of effort into others and never gets a return. Angry and upset. �

Tip:do not take on more than you can pull. Understand that not everyone will be able to give you care in the same volume, and you will continue to wait and criticize ... You are overloaded with criticism of yourself and others. Let go of the situation, accept the individuality of those next to you. And remember that absolutely everyone has something to learn ...

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Lack of sleep matrix

All you need is a competent time management, if your matrix looks like this: �Character� - 1, �Health� - 4, �Luck� - 7, �Energy� - 2, �Debt� - 8, "Interest" - 3, "Labor" - 6, "Memory" - 99, "Target" - 3, "Carnal" - 2.

�Eye brow wrinkles, bags under the eyes, dry and wilted skin.If this is typical of you, it is only because of the eternal lack of time for sleep and full care, �continued Olga Pertseva.

Tip: yLearn to value and save your time. Time is the most valuable resource. Learn the principles of time management. Adhere to the regime, especially for your sleep. The release should be no later than 23:00, sleep for you is the source of strength and youth.

Emotional matrix

Look closely and if you see the following indicators, then urgently learn to relax and reduce the level of aggression in possible and impossible ways: "Character" - 1111, "Health" - 44, "Energy" - 22, "Debt" - 88, "Interest" - 33 and "Memory" - 99!

�Strong wrinkles of the forehead, nasolabial,� says Olga Pertseva, a numerologist. - A person experiencing an explosion of emotions, outrage and aggression within himself, restrains a sense of duty. But at the same time, facial expressions continue to express outrage, and often the only possible option to show emotions is to raise eyebrows! Sometimes resentment can be long, so wrinkles are deep. However, in such a matrix a lot of positive emotions, smiles and laughter. A man laughs a lot, jokes a lot and smiles, talks a lot.Nasolabial wrinkle is deep and noticeable. �

Tip: nDon't be silent, the more you talk about your experiences, the more thoughts are translated, the better. Do not tolerate where it is unnecessary. Sing Vocal removes internal aggression, frees you from the desire to rebel.

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The matrix of eternal youth

Yes Yes! Clap your hands and jump to the ceiling for those who in the column "Goal" - a factor of 2.

�Having such a matrix, a person may have wrinkles, but the appearance still retains a youthful appearance. It often happens that it is due to the coefficients (½ / 3) in the �Target� sector. A person becomes younger over the years, for example, a figure becomes better after 30 years, and not vice versa, as is usually the case - everything is fine until 30.

Tip:if you see yourself in the ½ / 3 goal matrix, be calm: your youth has a longer shelf life and most often depends on your inner state. An unemployed and cheerful child will live longer in you.

Matrix "perfection itself"

If you have more than two twos in the �Energy� sector, and also in the �Health� a couple of fours, then you simply have to press Irina Shayk on the podium.

�In the case of such strong indicators as 44 and 222, nature took care of you and your descendants. You have a beautiful or strong body, teeth, hair and skin.Your age can be guessed, but only approximately, because your perfect body will always be thrown into the eyes, �the numerologist comments.

Tip:�unload emotionally, play sports, so as not to overload your nervous system. In this case, your youth will continue for a very long time, and no one can explain this phenomenon.

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