Lady Gaga in the silver dress Givenchy revives the spirit of the old Hollywood

It seems that Lady Gaga finally left extravagant outfits for the stage: on the red carpet, she appears exclusively in elegant outfits that go to her no less than outfits from meat and high-rise hairstyles. At the Los Angeles premiere of the musical “The Star was Born”, Lady Gaga adorned herself in a dazzling Givenchy silver dress from the haute couture collection. Platinum blond, smooth styling with a soft wave and scarlet lips - and as if not in Hollywood for the past seventy years.

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Publication by Lady Gaga (@ 24, 2018 at 7:44 PDT

The singer and actress managed to give a short interview to the People publication, telling about what is in common between her and her heroine Ellie. As it turned out, not so much. "I did everything possible to become a singer and composer, I was ready to act. I dragged my keyboard across New York and knocked on all the doors. I really believed in myself.Ellie is not like that. She does not believe in herself at all. She is literally exhausted by the music industry. ”

True, teenage memories came to the aid of Lady Gaga - at that time no one believed that a girl would make something more or less sensible. “I had to go back to my childhood, during my school years, when they scoffed at me and laughed at my dreams,” the star confessed. - I think I was able to play this role thanks to the support of Bradley Cooper. He is such an incredible director and actor. I am very, very grateful to him. ” Bradley, in turn, was more than pleased with the choice of the actress for his directorial debut: “I have found a friend for life. As great as this film. I am sure that this friendship will last forever, she is an incredible person. I was very lucky to work with her. ”

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