Lamp made of paper and leaves

Simple but spectacular lights for cozy evenings can come out of baking paper and dried leaves. Let's start!

We will need

Leaves are preferably better dried in books under the press for about a week so that they are more even. Paper suitable for baking or parchment, it is translucent, which will give a beautiful light.

Also need candles, for a large lamp a candle in a glass is suitable, for a small one it is better to use LED candles, they are safer.

We made square fixtures, the size of the side face is 10 × 10 cm and 18 × 18 cm, but you can play with the sizes and shapes, make them more elongated or wide.

For a small lamp we cut out 4 strips of paper 10 × 20 cm. The paper can be ironed to make it more convenient to work.

Bend each strip in half to get 4 squares.

Coat each strip of paper with glue. In the center of the half of the paper strip we place the dried leaf and fold the other half, gently pressing it down with your hand to glue the paper.It is better to place the fold line from below, so the lamp will turn out more stable.

Repeat step 3, you should get 4 squares of paper with leaves.

We join the squares with scotch tape to make a strip of 4 squares.

Then glue the first and fourth squares with scotch tape. We straighten the edges and form a cube, making folds between the squares on the scotch tape.

Place a candle in the center of the cube. In the same way we make the lamp more. For him, on each face, we used 3 autumn leaves.

It remains to wait for the evening to enjoy the unusual light and silhouettes of autumn leaves with a cup of warming tea.

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