Lavender Wedding

Usually everyone remembers what symbols are at round wedding anniversaries, but nobody, alas, attaches special importance to such a date as 46. And this is in vain, because 46 years is a Lavender wedding.

The lavender plant is a very touching symbolism, it symbolizes the longevity of the relationship, as well as the tenderness between the spouses. And indeed, absolutely not every couple can live together for so many years together, and in order to maintain such a relationship, of course, we need an indescribable tenderness between them.

On this festive day, jubilees should present lavender flowers as a gift. Surprisingly, even in the dried form, the inflorescences of this plant for many years retain their lovely aroma. Perhaps that is why this flower was chosen as a symbol.

Lavender is not just a flower, this plant has a rich history. Even in ancient Egypt, it was used as incense. There is a version that it was used even with mummification. Evidence was a light aroma of lavender, which came from the mummy of Tutankhamen. This, of course, with the wedding has no common parties, but the fact remains.
Some believe that on the day of the expulsion from a wonderful paradise, Adam and Eve were given herbs and one of these herbs was lavender to facilitate their earthly life. So, 46 ​​years - Lavender wedding, apparently not in vain is that.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 46 years of marriage and what should be given on this anniversary :).

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