Leap from the place



Timing and Coordination Almost None Effective, but Slowly Coordinated and Slow


Strength Index


This chart summarizes the power performance in gripping, pulling and pushing. The strongest child is almost twice as strong as the weakest child. Most boys are stronger than most girls, but there are significant fluctuations in each group.


Muscular strength


The following shows how the various components of a force develop with age. The main determining element of strength is the size of the body. This is not surprising, since 40% of body weight is muscle. But body weight is responsible only for 30-35 variations of force, and growth adds to this another 10%. Age itself (regardless of height) also has a certain impact - possibly due to the development of motor control centers. But strength also depends on the structure of the body.


Brush Capture


Puberty is the age at which boys and girls become able to conceive a child. The boy's ovaries begin to produce sperm. (The girl begins to mature ovaries, and menstruation appears.) But this sexual fact is associated with many other changes occurring in almost all parts of the body, as well as with a long period of psychological changes,leading to adulthood, which we call adolescence.


Physical development


Changes associated with puberty may begin in a boy at any age between 10 and 15 years and end between 14 and 18 years. So some normal boys complete puberty even before other normal boys just begin (especially since those who start maturing earlier usually reach puberty more quickly). But on average, changes begin at about 12 years and reach a peak between 13 and 14 years.

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