Learning to wear a stylish cardigan (13 photos)

To always look beautiful, fashionable and stylish, you need to understand the modern trends of the world fashion, as well as be able to select the right and harmonious things.

A cardigan is exactly that element of a woman’s or man’s wardrobe that will fit perfectly into any image, easily combined with the most diverse styles of clothing, and is also a very practical and comfortable thing, a kind of must have of any season. This is really so, because without a cozy, warm and beautiful cardigan it is already difficult to imagine a cool summer evening, early autumn or the first warm spring days.

For young ladies

The forefather of the cardigan is considered to be the Lord Cardigan, James Thomas Bradnell, a brilliant commander and public favorite, according to the memoirs of his contemporaries, was the owner of excellent taste, and clothing was no exception.

Interestingly, he paid attention not only to his appearance, it also affected the troops entrusted to him: by the efforts of Lord Cardigan, British officers began to wear warm and comfortable jackets under uniform uniforms, which became the first prototypes of modern cardigans.

Warmer model

Outwardly, they resembled knitted jackets without a collar on the buttons, the very same name appeared only with time, after the death of the progenitor.

In the future, this type of clothing experienced its own ups and downs, visited the peak of popularity, especially after the brilliant Coco Chanel presented to the world new styles of cardigans: fitted and at the same time free silhouettes with large patch pockets, which draw out the figure quite favorably.

Asymmetry and color

But, for example, in the USA, the history of such clothing is closely connected with university movements: the cardigan was part of the student uniform, its combination with a white shirt and slacks became, one can say, traditional for Ivy League students. For a long time, the cardigan was the only clothing for a male wardrobe, but over time, like many other things for men, it moved into women's arms.

In a business manner

Today, many representatives of the fair sex are interested in, what can a cardigan be worn with so that the image is stylish, fashionable and interesting? The answer is quite simple: it is so unique and versatile clothing that it is impossible to combine it with other elements of the wardrobe, because almost everything fits for this role.

But to get a truly harmonious and thoughtful image, you must still take into account some of its features. Not looking at the fact that a cardigan is, in fact, an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of any woman, he never occupies a pivotal place in the whole image, but always plays the role of a pleasant, stylish and very comfortable addition.

Many will like it

What are the?

But how can you understand that you have a real cardigan, and not a jumper, sweater or jacket, because they are all very similar to each other, and modern fashion trends erase the boundaries between different types of clothing?

A female cardigan is a type of jacket that has several distinctive features - the presence of buttons to the bottom, a deep or V-shaped neckline, and the absence of a collar.

World designers are tirelessly working on the elaboration and improvement of this form of clothing, each year new collections are necessarily diluted with a couple of new cardigans, who each time move more and more away from the classical definition.


Today, a cardigan can be long and short (knee-length or mid-thigh), loose or fitted, knitted from wool or simply sewn from fabric.

It should be noted that the principle of “buttons to the bottom” also became slightly blurred, because models with different types of fasteners (hooks, ties, smell) are in fashion or without them.

Sleeve length can vary - from the longest to the shortest, as well as the presence of a collar - sometimes they are still equipped with decorative elements in the neck area. Recently, styles with a thin belt and patch pockets, which perfectly emphasize the figure and make it as feminine as possible, are gaining popularity.

Buttons can not be

Not the last role in the choice and combination of the cardigan with other things plays its color, because it is he who is able to make the image complete and as harmonious as possible. Usually they are made in sober and pastel colors, for example, a white, gray or beige version is perfect for everyday work and can be easily combined with other clothes.

Good print

Black cardigans are the ideal solution for socks at work or office, besides, it perfectly combines with everyday images, but special restraint can be achieved through its combination with clothes of dark colors.

On sale it is possible to meet fashionable models of bright and sated colors,with juicy and colorful prints that will be excellent assistants in creating an extravagant and extraordinary image.

Black classic

With what to wear and how to choose?

To make the thing really look, it is very important to know how to choose it correctly, starting from the type of your own figure. For example, slim and slim girls fit volumetric and airy models of medium length, it is desirable to stay on the hip line.


Light demi models will match perfectly with tight leggings, tight jeans, leggings or short shorts. It is important to remember that the cardigan is best combined with clothes of simple cut, so it’s enough to add a simple T-shirt or a shirt made of light chiffon silk to the top.

Also on the thin girls very interesting will look unusual openwork models that are so popular in the 2014-2015 year. Such a cardigan can be combined with short light shorts and a light T-shirt, and if you wear it over a colorful summer dress made of light fabrics, you can achieve an incredibly delicate and romantic look.

Fits good

For summer evenings, models made of cotton or flax, which are in perfect harmony with light sundresses and flowing long skirts, are ideal.Shoes can be any - from sandals, sandals and moccasins on low speed to heels and high stilettos.

Shortened model

Girls of a magnificent build better to refrain from choosing bright or very heavy models, and it is better to turn your attention towards the cardigans with V-shaped cuts, which emphasize the chest and visually pull the figure. Girls in an interesting position can look at models with elongated shelves without buttons, which harmoniously cover the rounded tummy and surround the future mother with warmth and comfort.


These styles look great with jeans and elk, light short dresses and sarafans. Also, girls with round shapes can come to taste knitted cardigan - it is ideal to combine it with a jumper under the throat, straight jeans and high-heeled shoes. A bright knit cardigan should definitely be combined with a tone match, and long models will look perfect with straight dress pants.

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