Leaves from a plastic bottle do it yourself - photo, video, how to make

Leaves from a plastic bottle do it yourself

Leaves from a plastic bottle do it yourself

Plastic bottles are the real building material for all kinds of designs that will decorate your home and garden. What did they not think up of doing craftsmen of them who have already mastered this technique well!


So do not rush to throw away the bottles, especially if they are multi-colored. So, from green you can make "parts" for plastic flowers - leaves. Of course, they can be made of transparent plastic, but for greater certainty it is better to take exactly the green bottles.


Having made leaves from plastic bottles, you can give a complete look to your flower, made from the same "raw materials". By the way, today these flowers have become very popular among summer residents. Handmade, they will perfectly decorate any flower bed.


The process of making these leaves is simple and does not take much time.The handmade materials will also need to be kept to a minimum - apart from the bottles themselves, scissors will be needed, with which we will cut out the blanks for the leaves, a candle and matches or a lighter to light it. It remains only to arm themselves with fantasy and begin to act. But one should still be more careful not to get injured in the process.


Video: how to make leaves from a plastic bottle with your own hands


It may be difficult to understand the instructions on how to make leaves from a plastic bottle, especially if you have not been fond of making all kinds of things to give from this unusual material, but have seen them only in the photo. Especially for such situations, we have prepared a training video, after reviewing which, it will be possible to get a complete idea of ​​how such simple products are made of plastic bottles.



Master class: making leaves for flowers


If you decide to make several flowers for the dacha, and you already have the flowers ready, and it remains to supplement them with leaves, then let's begin.


We take our bottle and cut off its bottom. So we will produce a stable base to which our flower will be attached.But the remaining plastic and go to the manufacture of leaves. It should be divided into five equal parts, cut in the form of a triangle - it is necessary that the peaks should be sharp.


Next, we light a candle, and we will continue to work with it. Each leaf is held above its flame so that it melts slightly. As a result, after working, we see how the leaves turned to the sides. This will make the foundation even more stable.


If you are afraid to cut the leaf crooked, then you can use the blank. For this you need paper. On it draw a leaf shape, and cut along the contour a few of these leaves from the bottle. Now also lightly pat them over the candle. At the same time stalks of leaves twist in a spiral. Soften the lower tips of the stem with the flame of a candle - now they can be twisted around the stem of a flower.


Leaves of plastic bottles can be made for palm trees, if you decide to make it for the garden. There are two ways to make leaves:


- cut the bottom off the bottles. The resulting blanks cut along in half, so that the spiral for the cover remains intact. Now just give them a leaf shape. It can be oval or jagged - whatever, fantasize!


- just cut the bottoms at the bottles.Further on each of the blanks to make frequent vertical incisions, they should reach almost to the spiral of the lid. To insert workpieces one in another, and that the construction does not crumble - to insure it with a wire base. Everything, ready krone can be fastened to a trunk of a palm tree.


Leaves from a plastic bottle do it yourself

Leaves from a plastic bottle do it yourself

Leaves from a plastic bottle do it yourself


As you can see, making the leaves of their plastic bottles is easy!

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