Lemon-honey drink

Drink lemon-honey - a magical salvation in the heat. This is a kind of lemonade, but much tastier and healthier. The main thing is that you can prepare it quickly, and eat immediately, without expecting that all the ingredients are infused, soaked with each other. By the way, as always in cooking, such a drink may not be the final ideal option. After all, your fantasies can improve it, infinitely changing the initial recommendations. Someone prefers to add milk or cream to the recipe. For others - just enough sparkling water. But for everyone (without exception), it is indisputable that such a drink not only invigorates, but also has a healing effect. Ingredients: water - one liter, lemon - one, honey - 100 g.
Preparation: in boiled water (approximately 60 ° C) dilute honey. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and add it to the honey liquid. Carefully place the resulting drink. Strain it through a colander or a bottle of milk, pour it into a bottle or a decanter. Cool and can drink.You can, if you can not wait, just throw a couple of pieces of ice into a glass.
 lemon honey
Give a fresh bright and refreshing note to this drink mint leaves, if you grind them with a little sugar. Fragrant, unusually pleasant homemade lemonade will appeal to both children and adults. And the fact that there will be no preservatives and dyes in its composition undoubtedly adds to its attractiveness.
 Drink lemon honey
Yes, do not forget that The period of use of such a lemon-honey miracle is limited. Two days, no more (when stored in the refrigerator!), You can safely use it yourself and give it to the kids. And then fermentation will begin. Therefore, do not stock up on a drink. It is better to spend a few minutes on its preparation in order to really enjoy the fresh and invigorating taste of lemon-honey “savior”.

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