Lent Calendar 2015: second week

We find out the order of nutrition in the second week of fasting and remember the rules that will help preserve health, despite the refusal of animal products.
Lenten dishes
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2nd of March,Monday - the malnutrition, in the menu bread, vegetables, fruits.

March, 3rd,Tuesday - hot vegetable food without oil.

March 4,Wednesday - dryness, on the table bread, vegetables, fruits.

5th of March,Thursday - hot vegetable food without oil.

March, 6,Friday, - malnutrition, bread, vegetables, fruits.

March 7,Saturday - food with vegetable oil.

March 8,Saturday - food with vegetable oil.

In order not to harm health, follow simple rules during fasting.

- Eat fractional, every three hours. The fact is that vegetables are absorbed quickly, so the feeling of hunger appears after eating them earlier than after dinner with meat and dairy dishes.

- Use more spices. They enhance the metabolism and strengthen the immune system.Ginger, vanilla, red pepper - reliable assistants during fasting.

- Try not to drink coffee. It removes calcium from the body, and its amount may already decrease. And all because in the post do not use dairy dishes, rich in this element.

- Lenten menu should be varied. Otherwise, the body will suffer from a deficiency of proteins, fats and vitamins.

It is not worth fasting to those who recently had surgery, as well as to people suffering from hypertension, ulcers and gastritis. Do your joints ache? Leave the dairy products on the menu. Only they contain enough calcium needed for osteoporosis and arthritis.

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