Life hacking, which will be useful to each of us

Every day, people around the world come up with something new and interesting. Fortunately, many of them are ready to share their inventions with users of the entire Internet for free. And here's another batch of new products in the life hacking world:

Carry out a few holes in a plastic container and place knitting crochets in it. They do not have to collect around the house.

Hangers for clothes is a useful thing. But if you accidentally broke those that have clothespins, use the useful part in the kitchen.

In a public toilet or other place where a hook for a bag or outer clothing is simply needed, a bunch of keys can help out. Secure them between the door and the opening.

The right and left earphones, which differ in their qualitative models in their form, can easily be distinguished without reading the inscriptions. Use nozzles of different colors for this.

In cold milk, cereal soak worse. Add a couple of pieces of ice to make your breakfast more tasty.

Extending the shower curtain is easy with an extra set of rings. Do not throw them away with an old, broken out curtain.

In many hotels, the electricity in the room is completely turned off, if you get an electronic key from a special cell. If you need to leave the phone or laptop on charge, replace the card with a thick sheet of paper. Sometimes this method works.

If you need to drill a hole in the wall or fix the outlet, glue a piece of paper or an envelope under this place. Garbage will not crumble across the floor.

If you need to take a small amount of cosmetics on a trip, you can use a container from contact lenses. It is tightly closed, and you do not have to weight your luggage.

It is convenient to fasten the tacos to a plate with a fork. So the entire filling will remain inside, instead of falling out onto the plate.

Refresh the old air freshener by rubbing it with your favorite essential oil. This method will be much cheaper and healthier.

Wooden chopsticks can be eaten not only rolls or Chinese food. They are also convenient for snacks, so that your fingers remain clean.

Paper cup will make the sound of music on your mobile phone soft and pleasant.

Stud earrings will replace pins or missing buttons.

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