Light a light bulb with your fingers

Light light bulb with your fingers
Good day to all. In this article I will tell you how to make an interesting trick and surprise your friends. The trick is pretty simple, but it will require you to make a certain fixture - a light bulb. For this we need: Two frosted light bulbs, absolutely any size. We also need a lighter with a flashlight and a pair of small wires.
 need incandescent bulbs
After everything is ready - let's start manufacturing. Let's isolate the base and the bulb from the bulb, solder one wire to the base of the base and the other to the very bottom of the base separated by insulation.
Separate the socle and the flask from the bulb
Putting a torch out of the lighter, pull out a flashlight, and solder the end of the wire from the base of the base for a plus to the batteries of the flashlight, and the other,from the bottom of the cap to the LED minus.
 LED base
To light the LED we need to close the circuit, for this we cut one of the small wires from the wire by soldering one end to it body, and the second end - to bend along the insulation on the base.  one of the little wires
In order for a light bulb to light up - imperceptibly move the wire with your finger, closing the circuit. It remains to glue the flask to the base, and you can go to amaze your friends.

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