List of the most interesting documentaries about space

Why is man always attracted to the starry sky? Probably because it hides in its vast expanses hundreds of secrets, mysteries and amazing phenomena, most of which still have not succumbed to human influence.

Is there another life on the planets of the Universe, or maybe this is just a figment of the imagination of some visionary? Is the universe really infinite or does it have an end? What is there in the deep expanses far beyond the borders of our native Earth? What are black holes and why are they considered to be points of exit from the Universe?


These and many other questions periodically arise in the head of a modern person, especially when, once again, the tent of star spaces appears before your eyes.

Thanks to one of the most ancient sciences, astrology, humanity reveals the complex intricacies and secrets of the endless space, gradually, step by step.If in ancient times mankind realized that it is a part of something larger than the surrounding world, it is now with the help of developed science and technology that the structure of the world is actively studied, as well as everything that is far beyond its borders.

In order to broaden the horizons of modern humanity, hundreds of unique, surprising and very interesting space documentaries are being created that touch on all the exciting topics and mysteries of the mysterious Universe.


Such masterpieces of world cinema will not leave anyone indifferent, because thanks to them all experienced lovers of space science will be able to find answers to many questions they are interested in, and those who have never been interested will be surprised how many secrets are hidden behind those amazing patterns of stars every day. visible from the window.

A huge variety of films about space and astronautics testifies, first of all, that it is interesting, fascinating, and, besides, incredibly informative, because it is important for every person to know what world he lives in, what place he occupies and what role he plays .

Why precisely documentary films?

Are you interested in the secrets of the ancient constellations, the history of their creation, as well as the beautiful legends associated with these events? And, perhaps, you are concerned about questions about extraterrestrial civilizations, is there somewhere else intelligent life, and if there is, then does she know about our existence?

All these and many other questions can be answered by documentary films about outer space that relate to non-fiction films, and, therefore, real images, events and faces are taken as the basis for such works.

Man is only a part

If you look at another American blockbuster with the darkness of special effects, of course, it will be interesting, but you cannot get any real information from them. In order to delve into the riddles of planets, stars and other cosmic bodies, it is necessary to pay attention to the documentary pictures, which are also capable of luring the viewer from the very first minutes of viewing.

True, it is important to be cautious, among the real documentary masterpieces there are original "fakes", the so-called mokyumentari, which, although very similar to documentary films, in fact, describes fictional events.

No, it’s also interesting to watch them, they are often presented to the viewer in the same format,as well as the documentary tapes: a chronicle of events is given, as well as specialists who discuss it and reinforce with weighty facts, but still, most of what is said remains fictitious and only "disguised" as reality.

Science does not stand still

These documentary pictures are the result of hard work, work on which can take a long time, because you need to carefully select the documentary and life material, and then combine it in such a way that the viewer really was interested.

Most documentary films about space are built in a uniform scheme: reportage shots are combined with high-quality computer graphics, which recreates those moments and situations that are unrealistic to take off live.

You can use staged shooting, as well as individual archive video and photographs, an obligatory part of such a tape is an interview with scientists who are studying a specific issue. But do not think that documentary is boring!

There are so many mysteries

In fact, there everyone will find something interesting for themselves: beautiful and impressive graphics, incredible facts and discoveries, the veil of secrets opens slightly, and certain forecasts are made for the future.

Needless to say, such films are incredibly useful for children and adults, because they expand the circle of knowledge, form a definite opinion about what the Universe is.

List of the twenty best movies about space

But, to be sure, hundreds of films are being filmed on this topic; every year new versions and hypotheses appear, which are invested in the basis of the next documentary film.

In order not to let you get bogged down in the diversity of world cinema, we decided to bring to your attention a list of popular and interesting documentaries and TV shows that reveal many secrets of astronomy, space and everything connected with it. All these films can be viewed in good quality on the Internet, so, sit back, start our viewing.

  1. "Famous Universe" (serial, 2009-2011) - the famous American scientific documentary series, which tells about the world of unidentified phenomena called space. Interesting theories and amazing facts - all in one small series, which will be of interest to any age;
  2. “The Story about My Friend” (1971) - an exciting film about Yuri Gagarin, in which his colleagues, teachers and close people share their feelings and memories;
  3. “BBC: Planets” (TV series, 1999) is a colorful and fascinating story about the origin of life, the appearance of planets and the whole Universe, which is based on a decent theoretical basis and is accompanied by vivid special effects;
  4. "Cosmos" (TV series, 1980) is already a cult American TV series, which tells about the origin of the Universe, the life and place of a person in this complex system;

And further:

5. "The solar system. Research of other planets ”(2011);

6. "Our Universe" (2013);

7. “Famous Universe. Great Secrets of the Universe "(2009);

8. “Stephen Hawking Universe. A shortened history of time "(1991);

9. "The Comet of the Century" (2013);

10. “When We Left Earth: NASA Missions” (2008);

11. “I know what I saw”, (2009);

12. “The Universe. Alien galaxies ”(2007);

13. “Journey to the edge of the universe - everything about space” (2008);

14. "Underground Mars" (2007);

15. "Space tourists" (2009);

16. “Universe: living in space” (2008);

17. "Space Odyssey XXI Century" (serial, 2012);

18. “Mars: the search for life” (2008);

19. "From the point of view of science: hellish planets" (2008);

20. “From the point of view of science: the death of the Sun” (2009).

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