Love story: Gala and Salvador Dali

She is:daughter of a Russian provincial official, lady from Parisian beau monde

Is he:spanish artist

Happy hours are not being watched ...

In September 1929, the beginning artist Dali, a man in the eyes of others, "with great oddities," invited the French poet Paul Eluard to stay. He arrived in the Catalan resort village of Cadaqués, not alone, but with his wife. Her name was Elena Dyakonova, but everyone knew a native of Kazan and the legislator of the tastes of the Parisian beau monde under the brilliant name of Gala - translated from French, it means "holiday." The meeting of the 25-year-old outrageous painter and 35-year-old secular coquette became fateful, both in memoirs admitted that love struck them simultaneously, like a thunderbolt. The relations of Gala, Paul, and Salvador turned into a love triangle, which the “fatal Slav” rules. In 1932, Gala received a divorce, leaving her ex-husband a teenage daughter, and in 1934 she became Dali’s wife. In 1958, the muse and the artist cemented a secular marriage with a wedding in the church.

Gala and Salvador Dali

Gala for her husband was not only a muse-inspirer, the first and only beloved woman, but also a model, a nurse and a nurse, and, to put it in modern reality, a commercial director and a PR agent. She organized exhibitions and negotiated with buyers of paintings, searched for orders, put the studio in order, maintained an extravagant image of her husband and tirelessly thought out reasons to attract the attention of the press and rich collectors to his work, monitored the health of the genius. Without the care of his wife, he could even forget about the need to eat, take a shower or dress for the weather. It is with the suggestion of Gala that Salvador is known not only as a surrealist painter, but also as a designer of furniture, interior items, stage costumes and decorations, jewelry and logos, director of short films and an advertising actor. She encouraged him to try his strength in this or that new endeavor, and each time Dali's affairs evolved in such a way that he was accompanied by financial success and the possibility of complete creative expression, for whatever he took.

Gala did not become in 1982. Dali survived her for seven years, but it was a time filled with physical indisposition and deep depression with a gradual loss of reason.Without his muse and guardian angel, a genius did not create anything equal in artistic value to his previous canvases. The couple had no children.

Love Formula

Even today, Gala is sometimes represented as a lucky predator who bathed in luxury until the end of her days, taking advantage of the fact that in matters of life her brilliant husband was more inexperienced than a child. However, such an assessment is unfair: yes, this woman was ambitious and in her youth she promised herself, as Scarlett O’Hara, that poverty and the lot of the housewife bypassed her. But she had the unique gift of investing her feminine energy in truly talented men. In relations with the French poet Paul Eluard, the German painter Max Ernst, the same thing happened that later showed the world the Dali phenomenon: the men of Gala became more famous, wealthy, confident in their own creative powers.

Gala and Salvador Dali

The only thing with which she could not cope is the age. Gala did not want to grow old in front of her beloved, and in 1968 he bought her a castle in the Catalan town of Pubol. Here, the muse of Salvador Dali lived until her death, accepting her husband only when she wanted it (he had no right to come without a written invitation from Gala).

The jewel symbol of Gala and Dali’s love can be considered the precious composition “Royal Heart”.It was created by the artist in 1953 at the request of his second half of gold, rubies, diamonds and emeralds. The center of the "valentine" is moving thanks to a special mechanism, creating the illusion of the beating of a living heart. Now this creation can be seen in the Theater-Museum of Dali in the Spanish Figueres.

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