Luxury picture frame

Everyone knows how the environment is changing, you only need to hang a few pictures on the wall. Especially such, you know, solid, luxurious, in a heavy gilded frame. But, it is worth asking the price for such frames for painting in the framing workshops, as it covers sadness and sadness - the desire to possess such works slowly but surely flows into the category of dreams set aside for a bright distant future. Do not rush to part with desires. You can create a great decoration for your home in just a few hours and with minimal monetary investment. This master class will step by step tell you how to create such a picture with your own hands.
 The frame for the picture
We need:
• several plates of ceiling curbs • putty on wood • black or dark brown acrylic paint • • gold acrylic paint • • acrylic varnish • • glue moment • unnecessary piece of cardboard or an old box • • picture • • The basis for a picture can be the front side of a box of chocolate candies Fet. Mark up the work surface.To do this, carefully cut the picture, put it on the box and circle around with a marker, measuring the size of our future baguette. Top and side.
 measuring the dimensions of the baguette
Cut the curb, making sure that the angle of the junction is smooth and neat.
cut at an angle
 all four sides
Gently glue to the cardboard prepared from the ceiling plinth of the frame frame.
connect the lines
Cutting off extra cardboard.
 Cut extra cardboard
The most creative part begins. Carefully cover the plinth with putty , carefully lining up every dimple and groove. We leave to dry out.
 we coat the baseboard with a putty
Using a thin paintbrush, paint the frame two times, each time letting it dry well. dry well
Gold paint is squeezed out of the tube on a horizontal surface.
 we take the gold paint
With the help of a dry sponge we take very small amount of gold. We start the gilding of our product. Movement should be light, gliding, almost weightless. Gilding frame should be slightly “rubbed”. Movements should be as if you were cleaning dust from the surface. Explicitly protruding, we paint over large parts of the picture with a fine artistic brush. After a little effort, you should get this result:
 we paint over the baseboard
It only remains to paste in the place our picture and hang the composition on the wall. to paste on place our picture Enjoy your emotions and comfort in the house.

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