Makeup for brunettes

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For dark hair make-up it is important to select carefully. Incorrect selection of cosmetics gives all the flaws, and also negates the efforts. The slightest mistake turns the true beauty into a ugly woman. And one wrong stroke will make the face not radiant and fresh, but a mask devoid of expressiveness. The hue of hair in this situation is a key factor. Dark-haired girls in themselves are bright, and excessive accents on the lips and eyes spoil the look.

Select make-up brunettes are required individually. One true option for all dark-haired is not invented. After all, every lady has a special color of hair, eyes and skin. In addition, it is important to consider the purpose of makeup. For what reason is he. Make-up is evening, solemn, casual, wedding. In order to deal with the nuances, consider all the options.

The choice of tone

Before choosing a tonal tool, it is worth recalling that before applying correctors on the skin, it is required to thoroughly clean, tone and apply a light cream.It must be with protective and moisturizing properties.

Makeup for brunettes

Now we will define a shade so that it would best fit to the natural color of the skin, eyes and curls:

girls with dark chestnut locks and green or brown eyes, tanned skin require the use of funds with peach shade. In this case, the shade of hair and eyes affects the choice of tone means. The darker it is, the darker the base is required. For example, a burning brunette will need a shade of tobacco or tan;
for the color of dark chestnut and blue eyes are appropriate light bases - strawberry (Rashel), ivory;

The foundation helps to give the skin a radiance and a healthy look, to hide the flaws. Carefully choose your shade.

The same recommendations are relevant for pale skinned brunettes. Powder and base are required in natural and pink tones, but not in the shade of a peach.

Makeup for light shades of hair and eyes

Consider the features of the makeup of brunettes with light shades of eyes and hair.

Light eyes are blue, light green and gray. With such a combination requires the selection of lips. Undesirable use of dark eye shadow.Against the background of curls of light chestnut color, it looks vulgar. For this reason, accented lips. It is necessary to select the contour and give the lips volume. For this purpose shine is suitable.

If you like lipstick, then prefer the dark colors of cherry or burgundy. Blush suit neutral tones, for example, nutty color. But do not overdo it. Apply a minimum on the cheekbones.

Makeup for brunettes

Shadows should be chosen based on the color of the eyes. Gray, blue, light green and dark beige will perfectly emphasize the charm of the look. If you use podvodku, then you should not choose black. It will ruin even a successful make-up. It is better to stop the choice on eyeliner, combined in tone with rouge.

Makeup for dark hair and bright eyes

For girls with dark curls and light eyes, makeup is required to select carefully. This contrast looks attractive, because the delicate shade of the eyes is in harmony against the dark curls. The main goal here is to emphasize harmony.

Shadows require a subdued tone, a calm tone. Their important to properly shade the eyelid and around the eyebrows. You can also add white shadows under the brow line. This will visually give the eyes volume and expressiveness.

It is necessary to select the shade of cosmetics under the clothes. The color of the suit should match the shadows. Too saturated blush spoil the naturalness, therefore prefer beige or gentle peach. You only need to highlight the cheekbones, and not show the brightness. More important is the use of eyeliner in gray or chocolate color. With it, you will create a complete image. Black ink is used. It will help to combine the color of the curls and eyes.

Blue eyes and brown curls are a winning combination. But here it is important to correctly place accents in order not to ruin the naturalness.

In this situation, the lips should be emphasized too. The shape is emphasized by a contour, whose shade is darker by half a tone than lipstick. If you want to increase the volume, then use the extra shine.

Makeup for dark eyes and hair

The dark shade of the curls perfectly in harmony with dark eyes. For makeup under dark eyes and hair does not require the selection of cosmetics pastel colors.

An overly neutral shade gives the image lifelessness and dullness. To underline the charm, dark-eyed brunettes fit rich colors. In this situation, the make-up comes out harmonious mascara and anthracite-colored eyeliner. In this case, you can change the shape of the eye by blending the lines of shadows.

Makeup for brunettes

For example, the outer corner is painted in a dark color. Shadows should be chosen under shades of clothing. But dim tones are not allowed. Winning look gray, blue colors, shades of silver and violet. But with a choice of rouge should be careful. Choose red, peach, coral, a shade of rose. But use only on top of the cheekbones.

In the process of choosing lipstick there are no restrictions. Any saturated hue is allowed here.

Brunette day makeup

Everyone knows that for daily make-up, shades are required other than for holiday. Under sunlight, shades look different, unlike artificial lighting. Immediately become visible all the errors and omissions. Very few people like it.

For this reason, for the daily makeup of brunettes, it is important to choose cosmetics of natural shades. There are enough shadows for eyes, eyeliner is not recommended. It is better to create an image of halftones than to add dissonance to the exterior.

Daily makeup requires the use of natural tones. In bright sunlight, saturated lipstick and shadows look vulgar.

To enhance the beauty of the eyes during the day, there are shadows of light tones, brown eyeliner and dark carcass.But it is in the light of day that all the flaws in the skin are noticeable. They are required to be eliminated with a tonal basis, rouge and powder. The right choice is important here. These funds should be the maximum fit for skin tone. For lips it is worth choosing a lipstick in pastel color. The same applies to the contour. Remember that even a clear shine during the day gives the lips an attraction.

Evening makeup brunettes

Evening makeup for brunettes differs a lot from everyday wear. This is due to the fact that it is often done visiting events, restaurants, bars that use artificial light. It is under these conditions that the naturalness of the face is given by using the correct shades.

For publication should follow simple rules. The tone is chosen, given the coverage of the event. If there is a bright light, then the cream requires a dark tone, darker than the natural. For a quiet light base is required lighter skin tone.

Powder fit in a shade of gold. The effect of a festive make-up can be enhanced with eyeliner. In the evening, the eyes should be expressive. For this purpose, in addition to the pencil and pencil, use shades with mother of pearl or shiny particles of bright colors.

Makeup for brunettes

Remember eyebrow highlighting. In this situation, clear eyebrows highlight and emphasize the look. Pencil color is required darker curls or match them in tone. From the center of the eyebrow to the edge apply short lines and shade them. So you donate eyebrows form required.

Do not do when creating a festive make-up and without blush. A bright color with flickering particles is a suitable choice. They are required to be applied on top of the cheekbones, shading. Suitable shades of beige, rose and peach, brown. An illusion of unobtrusive blush for harmony with style should be created.

Lipstick requires bright. Lips, as well as a look, it is important to outline that they were not lost against the background of a bright dark-haired beauty. Make-up for the evening is an excellent occasion for experimenting with yourself. So, as you can paint for a trip to a restaurant, a disco, etc., you can not make up for the office. In the daytime, such a make-up looks defiant.

Wedding make-up

Wedding for any person is an important day. Brunettes nature endowed with bright external data. In wedding makeup it is important not to use excessive amounts of cosmetics. It requires a careful selection of funds, because then you will many times revise the photo.

All that is needed is to hide the flaws and show the natural beauty.Excessive use of rich color will give a dark-haired girl an unsightly look, visually get old. This is not necessary for any bride.

Makeup for brunettes

Shadows should be selected under the shade of dress, jewelry or bouquet. Stop opt for chocolate, coffee. Such a range is not attached to any color, but will emphasize the shape and color of the eyes. Blush suitable in a bright shade of a rose. This gives the face naturalness and liveliness.

Each type of make-up has its own nuances. Evening, wedding, casual - there are separate rules everywhere.

Dark-haired beauties do not suit lipstick in light color. Too pale tone "eats" the lips against the background of a rich color of curls. The appropriate choice is burgundy, red or crimson. To create a volume, circle the outline and add gloss. Eliminate minor irritations, skin imperfections will help the foundation, corrector and powder.

The combination of clothing and makeup

To create a beautiful image is not enough makeup selection. The lady should be in harmony with everything: lipstick, gloves and nail polish. The right combination of clothes and makeup is the main condition.

Otherwise, you get a ridiculous combination of shades.But brunettes here are lucky. The fact is that the dark shade of the curls creates a certain style, and the tones of clothing should emphasize grace. When choosing clothes, it is important to be guided by similar principles as in the selection of make-up.

For dark curls and eyes any shade is suitable, except bright. Beneficially emphasizes the appearance of a warm shade of violet, delicate yellow, coral, coffee, etc. If you have light-colored eyes, then you need expressive colors of the sky, grass, chocolate. They are in harmony with shades of hair and eyes.

Top Makeup Tips

There are many varieties of chestnut color. It is important to choose a make-up that emphasizes the natural color of the curls. Consider the best makeup tips for dark hair:

The ideal foundation for make-up.

The dark tint of the curls is different in saturation, so to achieve a harmonic image you will need an even skin tone. Today it is not difficult due to the large amount of funds. Mesh polymers in the composition of the texture of the tone fall on the skin naturally. You can use the basis for the correction of defects. The pink hue of the tonal tool smoothes out the earthy hue of the skin, and the yellowish hides the rash. Brunettes still fit neutral shades of beige.

To create a beautiful image is required to properly combine shades of clothing and makeup. Simple tips will help in creating your own style.

Eye makeup.

Dark-haired beauties should highlight their eyes in shades of gray or brown. The presence of tones of yellow or red is allowed. For example, in the means of color mocha and mahogany. But the main factor for choosing a tone is the eye shade:

blue-eyed to the face shades of gray and violet;
green-eyed - shades in shade yellowish beige, beige, green;
The brown tint of the curls and the khaki or pinkish brown color harmonize with brown eyes.

Makeup for brunettes

Note that if the eyes are prone to redness, then do not use shadows with reddish pigment. A shade of ash, gray or brown, is suitable. Remember the eyebrows. They are the key element of the image. Brunettes should prefer a gray-brown tone (for hair of cool shades) and warm brown (for a red tint of curls).

Accents rouge.

Blush not only enliven the appearance, but also correctly set accents. For dark-haired pink tones are appropriate. But experiments with brown are allowed.Do not use the flowers of peach and apricot, because they give the face of gray and add age.

Also, use caution with orange blush. This is an important point for those who have problem skin. This color focuses on pallor and rashes.

But you can not ignore the bronzator to give skin glow and highlight certain parts of the face. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the face will receive excessive radiance and a dark tone.

Experiments with a shade of lips.

If anyone can experiment with red tones of lipstick, it is for girls with dark curls. The main thing to choose a cold tone. In addition, brunettes fit brown-pink and plum color.

If the shade of curls gives red, then without a doubt, use light brown and terracotta lipsticks. The main thing to avoid light pink and pearly lipstick. They give dull chestnut curls.

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