Megan Markle and 5 more brides who have changed the wedding fashion

Last weekend it took place: Prince Harry and Megan Markle told each other "yes" and exchanged vows at the altar. The image of Megan, who was intriguing right up to her exit from the Rolls-Royce at the steps of the chapel of St. George, has already been thoroughly reviewed, taken to pieces and recognized as an impeccable role model. The newly-made Duchess of Sussex and five other famous brides, who became icons of wedding fashion, in our review.

Megan Markle in a Givenchy dress

Date of celebration:May 19, 2018

Prince Harry and Megan Markle in Givenchy Dress

Megan Markle in the tiara Garrard

Precious accents:studs and Cartier bracelet in white gold and diamonds; vintage tiara The Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau by Garrard from the collection of Elizabeth II; an engagement ring with three diamonds and a smooth engagement ring of yellow gold from Cleave & Company

Wedding outfit.The dress of the Duchess of Sussex was created by the British designer Claire Waite Keller, since 2017 she has collaborated with the French fashion house Givenchy. Megan Markle chose Keller, we quote, "for the elegant and timeless aesthetics of her creations, impeccable cut and comfortable, relaxed simplicity."The dress is closed, with a cutout-boat and long sleeves, sewn from a white silk organza, the skirt for more airiness has three layers. A veil 4.9 meters long, which caused the bride some inconvenience with its length, is decorated only at the edges: the floral print was created specifically to display the plants of 53 countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations. As for jewelry, Megan made a win-win bet on the Art Deco style.

Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen's dress

Date of celebration:April 29, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton in a dress by Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton in tiara Cartier

Precious accents:Cartier's Halo Platinum-Diamond Vintage Tiara from the Elizabeth II Collection; earrings with Robinson Pelham platinum and diamonds pendants, the design of which “quotes” oak leaves and acorns; Garrard engagement ring in white gold with blue sapphire and diamonds; Wartski yellow gold embellished wedding ring

Wedding outfit.The future Duchess of Cambridge was also patriotic in fashionable preferences: her dress was created by British designer Sarah Burton, creative director of the house, Alexander McQueen. Later, telling about her choice, Kate admitted that she wanted a harmonious, memorable combination of traditions (Victorian style) and modernity in her wedding dress, so she trusted Sarah Burton's creative vision.The result is the most replicated wedding dress of our day - A-line, white and ivory silk, with a stand-up collar and long sleeves of lace, a V-neck, a Victorian corset and a tourney, a number of small buttons on the back and a three-meter train . The lace pattern also has a special meaning: thistle, roses, clover, daffodils are the heraldic symbols of Great Britain. Democratic brands offer replicas of the dress for $ 200, the original is estimated at more than 400 thousand US dollars.

Grace Kelly in a dress from Helen Rose, MGM dresser

Date of celebration:April 18 (civil ceremony) and April 19 (wedding) 1956

Grace Kelly in a dress from Helen Rose, MGM costumer, and Prince of Monaco Rainier III

Grace kelly

Precious accents:pearl stud diamonds with Van Cleef & Arpels; platinum cartier engagement ring with emerald cut diamond

Wedding outfit.The dress, in which Hitchcock’s muse was married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco, became the timeless standard of wedding fashion. Grace Kelly's outfit was a luxurious gift from her former employer, the Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The work done by costume designer Rose Byrne and her team turned out to be colossal: an ivory-colored dress of silk, tulle, taffeta and lace was sewn and decorated with 35 pearls by sea pearls for six weeks.Vintage (125-year-old!) Belgian lace bought the groom from one of the museums, not regretting a lot of money. The architecture of Grace's outfit is complex, Rose Byrne even made instructions on how to put it on correctly, although it seems that everything is simple: a closed lace bodice with a stand-up collar, long sleeves and a bodice hidden under it, and a bell skirt, full of crinoline and set of petticoats. Note that Grace is not a tiara traditional for royal brides, but a hat and embroidered with pearls of silk and lace in the style of Shakespeare's Juliet is a juliet, complemented by a veil and wreath. Kelly's outfit cost MGM almost 8 thousand dollars, now it is estimated to be no less than 300 thousand. You can see the legendary dress in the Art Museum of Philadelphia, to which it belongs by the will of Princess Monaco herself.

Bianca Jagger in a two-piece suit Tommy Nutter

Date of celebration:May 12, 1971

Bianca Jagger in a two-piece suit Tommy Nutter and Mick Jagger

Bianca Jagger in a two-piece suit Tommy Nutter

Precious accents:a pair of diamond track bracelets; cocktail ring; wide smooth wedding ring

Wedding outfit.Burning brunette Bianca, the popular model of the 1970s, became the first wife of the leader of The Rolling Stones group Mick Jagger.Rock-and-roll glamor, adored by Bianca, suggested something more daring and original for a wedding than a fairy-tale princess a la dress. The beauty turned to tailor Tommy Nutter, who sewed stage costumes for The Rolling Stones, dressed Elton John and John Lennon's wife Yoko Ono. The designer proposed to Bianca a two-piece suit: an A-silhouette midi skirt and jacket, which was related only to white with traditional wedding attire. A shirt was also sewn, but the bride refused it, allegedly because the thing was cramped: Bianca was married in the fourth month of pregnancy. In a jacket on a naked body, having added an image with a wide-brimmed hat and a minimum of jewelry in classical style, she managed to create a sensation and forever enter the history of wedding fashion. So the road was opened to those brides who wished to get married in a women's tuxedo, evening trouser suit or overalls.

Kate Moss in dress John Galliano

Date of celebration:July 1, 2011

Kate Moss in a dress by John Galliano and Jamie Hins

Kate Moss in dress John Galliano

Precious accents:Earrings with teardrop pendants and a bracelet of white gold with diamonds; White gold engagement ring with an oval-cut diamond in the frame of smaller diamonds

Wedding outfit.Kate Moss and her chosen one, British rock musician Jamie Hins, decided that their wedding would be organized in the style of the "roaring" of the 1920s. For greater secrecy, they called the date of X among themselves not otherwise than The GG Day (The Great Gatsby Day) - “The Day of the Great Gatsby.” As you already understood, in honor of the famous novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald - the work, first published in 1925 and dedicated to his modern era. The source of inspiration for the star couple and their assistants was not only the book of the American writer, but also the style of his wife Zelda. Hins even tried to find her engagement ring to buy from a collector or heirs and present Kate. This did not succeed, and the jewelry house, whose name was not disclosed even now, was ordered from the photograph an exact precious copy of Mrs Fitzgerald's ring.

A longtime friend of Kate Moss, designer John Galliano, created for her a stunning A-line dress, rethinking both the wardrobe of the writer's wife, and the fashion trends of the jazz and forbidden parties with strong drinks. Having a simple style, a dress made of tulle, silk and lace was generously decorated with rhinestones, beads, and gold embroidery on the bottom.Completed the image of the newlywed tulle veil, also in retrostyle: long, with a headband, decorated with embroidered flowers and a living flower, pinned from the side.

Amal Alamuddin-Clooney in a dress Oscar de la Renta

Date of celebration:September 27, 2014

Amal Alamuddin in the dress of Oscar de la Renta and George Clooney

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney

Precious accents:Chatila Jewelery white gold earrings with diamonds and pear-shaped pearls; platinum Jacob & Co engagement ring with a canary yellow emerald cut diamond; thin wedding ring of platinum with a diamond path-micro-pave along the circumference

Wedding outfit.Explaining to journalists why she entrusted Oscar de la Renta to create a wedding dress, Amal stressed: “George and I wanted the celebration to be romantic and elegant, and I can not imagine who would be better than Oscar to reflect this mood in dress". Thus, a fabulously beautiful outfit made of ivory tulle trimmed with Chantilly lace and embroidered with beads and rhinestones was born. The bride herself insisted on such a detail of the dress as open shoulders, and the couturier accepted her wish. The veil, whose length surpasses even the train of the dress, is also decorated with lace, beadwork and Swarovski crystals.

Known and the cost of the dress Amal - 380 thousand dollars.In the fall of 2017, he was exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston, making it part of the exhibition dedicated to the memory of Oscar de la Renta (the designer was not in October 2014). The dress left the hostess only for a while and is now locked in her dressing room. After the wedding, the engagement ring turned out to be in an honorable exile: the seven-time “monster” glittered on Alamuddin-Clooney’s finger so much that it interfered with work - it destroyed the aura of seriousness and concentration that the lawyer needed. In exchange for this jewelry, she bought a more modest Cartier platinum ring, and her star husband did not mind at all.

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