Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019

By  | October 14, 2019

Every year more and more attention is paid to the look. Today, it is not enough to be cared and look good. The style of clothing and its relevance always help to make a good impression. Therefore, it is very important to keep track of fashion trends and include them in the closet. What kind of men’s clothing will be relevant in the 2019 autumn-winter season? Let’s find out together.

Men’s fashion 2019

Sport Style highlights

Fashion designers suggest that we complete our closet with impeccable sports articles. They skillfully combine suits with sport elements. For example, fashion shows presented looks with classic pants, coats and overalls, or hoodies, sport shoes and elegant clothing. Also in fashion is the combination of classic pants and sneakers.

Mens fashion trends 2019 2019

 Mens fashion fall winter 2019 2019 sport style



Casual clothes 2019 for women


One of the main trends for 2019 is retro clothing. Of course, not everyone agrees with this solution. However, this is very unusual and, at the same time, quite attractive. For example, the cuffed sleeve jacket, the light-colored sweater and the unusual accessories will remain in fashion.

Men fashion fall 2019 winter 2019 retro style

retro style elegant suit




Velvet and velour

In terms of fabric, in the autumn-winter season, we recommend attracting attention to velvet and velour products. They look elegant, original and always capture the attention of others. Therefore, those who are not indifferent to fashion will definitely appreciate this trend.

Mens fashion 2019 2019 fall winter velour

velour mens pant suit



We have to mention that multi-layer look is a real trend of the cold season. This is great because even in cold weather, the chances of freezing are greatly reduced. Therefore, we can combine turtlenecks with jackets. Such a combination will certainly be suitable for a business meeting. The same can be said about suits with different jackets and coats designs.

Mens fashion fall winter 2019 2019 layers



Fashion men jacket 2019

Color range

An indisputable favorite of the next season is the neutral shades of clothing. For example, dark blue, gray, beige, black and white. These can be easily combined so even a novice in the fashion world will face this task. For more bold men, we recommend to choose the details and prints in bright shades. They are capable of making even the simplest and most concise look. The main thing is to learn how to combine them correctly. Otherwise, the image may seem inappropriate.

Men’s fashion trends 2019

Men color trends 2019

Fashion men clothes 2019


What men’s pants to wear in 2019

Neutral shades

Those who begin to create elegant and relevant images for the autumn-winter season need to acquire basic clothing in neutral shades. Because of this, all the clothes will be combined wonderfully with each other.

What wear men in 2019

Casual gray men’s suit




Among the most important trends of the autumn-winter season are plaid prints. Of course, this print is not new, but it still looks quite modern. The main thing is that the picture shall not be too contrasting. Only in this case it will be perfect for all styles of clothing. The stylists note that the smaller the size of the print, the more formal and sober the look will look.

Mens fashion trends 2019 plaid


men's striped pants with plaid coat



Double breasted jacket

Regardless of the workplace, in the next season you definitively must have a blazer. The most versatile pattern is, of course, the double breasted blazer. It will always look very beautiful, despite the chosen color and print. In addition, it may be combined not only with the classic style and worn safely in everyday life, but even combined with jeans.

Blazer for men fall winter 2019 2019




Stylish men 2019

Classic men’s suit

An elegant and classic suit will always be fashionable. The main thing is to choose sets in neutral shades that look very original and expensive. If you want, you can complete the look with shoes or unusual accessories. Everything depends on personal preferences, and just how strict the dress code is.

Classic blue men suit


Classic men suit fall 2019 winter 2019

Elegant men suit


Bomber jackets

In the coming season, more types of men’s clothing will be relevant. First of all, we recommend that you choose bomber jackets. They look great in everyday life and are also ideal for creating sports or casual looks.

Mens bomber jackets fall winter 2019 2019




Men’s coats Fall Winter 2019

A stylish male coat will be a mandatory purchase for the fall-winter season. Of course, first of all we are talking about camel-colored items that look incredibly beautiful. If you want, you can buy a leather or patent leather coat. The main thing is to fit your style.

What men coats to wear in 2019


Men’s clothing wear 2019 new patterns


Another trend that is simply indispensable in the autumn-winter season is the sweater. The current ones will be oversize, in laconic style or with additional details like buttons or even laces. As for color, you can buy both a discreet and a more extravagant pattern with print.



Men’s sweater fall winter 2019 2019


In fact, men’s fashion is no less complex than women’s. So do not hesitate to be interested in different news, try unusual combinations and in the search process you will surely find your own style.

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Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019
Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 images

2019 year
2019 year - Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 pictures

Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 recommendations
Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 advise photo

Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 images
Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 pics

Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 new picture
Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 new foto

pics Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019
pictures Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019

Watch Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 video
Watch Men’s Fashion Fall-Winter 2019 video

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