Methods of withdrawal from binge

In the treatment of alcoholism, withdrawal from binge is the initial stage. To remove such a severe physical condition, which develops as a result of a long intake of alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to choose the right method.

Infrequent episodes of binge do not yet indicate chronic alcoholism. These are only signs of a “false binge” that has arisen due to severe intoxication, when a person cannot control himself and continues to drink.



There are several options for deriving from this state:

  • using folk remedies;
  • at home, with the help of a specialist (narcologist);
  • in stationary conditions.

Folk remedies do not always meet expectations. They can only help with a false binge. The remaining methods are ineffective and not always safe, especially for a person suffering from chronic alcoholism, who has many physical and mental disorders.

Adequate assessment of the severity of the disease is possible only through a comprehensive medical examination. It is not recommended to use drugs on the advice of friends who are faced with a similar problem.

Conclusion from binge at home with the help of a specialist

A medical team (doctor and paramedic) arrives at the house. Before choosing a method for withdrawal from binge drinking, experts evaluate the degree of intoxication and the possible risks, after they carry out detoxification measures.

The main advantage of this method of treatment is anonymity. The advantages include the presence of professionals, the correct assessment of the condition and rapid hospitalization (if indicated), convenience for relatives and the patient.

But this method has its drawbacks. The risk that after the departure of doctors, the patient will begin to drink again, great, because all the problems associated with the care and regime fall on the family. There are also difficulties associated with transportation if necessary emergency care.

Hospital treatment

This is the most effective and correct method for removing from the binge.The patient undergoes a full examination, which allows realistically assessing his condition and choosing the optimal method of medical and psychological treatment.

The patient is under the supervision of specialists around the clock, which minimizes the risks of complications.

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