Military style - the main features (9 photos)

The military style, which got its name from the English “military”, has long been firmly established, both in the world of high fashion and in the wardrobe of ordinary people. Translated into Russian, military means "military", which absolutely accurately and fully describes the main features and direction of this fashionable trend.

All military-style clothing is styled as a military uniform; over the long years of its existence, it has incorporated pieces of clothing and attributes of many nations that fought at one time or another.

This is a stylish solution.

Initially, it was exclusively men's clothing, which was used for military campaigns and battles, but, over time, such an unusual and practical style migrated to the women's wardrobe, where it is now firmly established and remains at its peak of popularity.

The military style, to a greater extent, refers to the autumn period of the year, which is no coincidence, because its main features are practicality, composure and rigor, it is great for everyday wear.

Sometimes the military style is confused with the notorious “safari” style, but you still need to know that it’s more feminine and softer than its military counterpart.

Clothing in the spirit of military uniforms is very popular among women and men of different ages and social status, military is the favorite clothing of many famous personalities and a field for creating new masterpieces by eminent world designers.


A distinctive feature of such clothing is the fact that the military style did not appear as another fashionable whim; rather, they wore military clothing because there was practically no other.

From history it is known that military style appeared during the First World War, when all the factories carried out exclusively military orders, and there was not enough time or money for ordinary clothes. After the end of hostilities, a large number of military uniforms remained, which ordinary civilians began to alter and adapt for everyday life.

Free style

The second surge in the popularity of military style came in the 1960s, it was chosen by the then-young people, thus, they expressed their protest against the hostilities in Vietnam.

At the same time, the hippie movement appeared, who also used elements of military uniforms in their clothes; they believed that there was no need to wear ordinary clothes in a country where everyone could wake up at the peak of military events the next morning.

Real warriors

Closer to the 2000s, eminent designers turned their attention to the army style that had taken root among the population and was very popular; therefore, collections were created that created an unprecedented furor in the world of high fashion. Thus, ordinary military clothing migrated from the street to the world's catwalks.

The main features and directions of style

Today, almost all well-known world designers use this trend in their fashion collections, because the military style is almost an inexhaustible source of all sorts of ideas, it is not only fixated on the military uniform, it involves constant appeals to different time periods.

The first couturier, who laid on the military style of the laurels of popularity and international recognition, is Giorgio Armani, who first in 2005 created a collection of clothes filled with a strict uniform, stylish overcoats and other ammunition worn during the Second World War.


The idea made a great success, concise, strict, but, nevertheless, incredibly stylish and organic models really enlivened the fashionable Olympus.

Jackets decorated with crystals and epaulets, several rows of buttons, which were based on the military uniform of the Russian hussars, appeared in our daily life thanks to Christoph Dekarnin.

Not everyone knows how much of the clothes that we used to see in everyday clothes moved there from military uniforms: for example, white fitting T-shirts came to us from American sailors from the Second World War, and black shirts and hats from the German military.

Attracts attention

Adorable trench coats, fur hats, women's coats, resembling a coat with a stand-up collar, are fashionable this season, and that's not all!

The military style is characterized by the absence of all sorts of excesses, with its decoration it gives the figure strict and precise forms that are so close to the military uniform.

Trend of the season

A major role is played by the basic color scheme, which is used in this fashionable trend: khaki (“mud” color), gray, beige, dark blue, gray-green, black. The materials are always used durable and dense fabric, which is worn for a long time and preserves the appearance well: denim, thick cotton, leather, cashmere, velvet.

Here is a dress

To make some styles of women's clothing in military style look more feminine and sophisticated, designers use lighter and airy fabrics: silk and chiffon.

Main directions

There is an opinion that the military style is an exclusively youth direction, but it is completely wrong to determine who will fit the military motives in the wardrobe, it is necessary to understand a little in its main directions.

  • Casual military. This area is really considered a youth one, it appeared thanks to it in the 60s in America. The main features are general carelessness and freedom of style, focusing on convenience and comfort. Typical representatives of casual are: a jacket bomber (originally a form of pilots-bombers in the 50s), a jacket “assault” or “park”, berets (army boots) or jack boots. Such elements are easy to combine with other styles of clothing, especially sports.
  • High military. It’s easier to say: this is an army style in the understanding of high fashion; this trend is based on a variety of styles and models of military uniforms of the highest ranks. The result - suits, dresses, skirts, raincoats and coats,sustained in a strict and restrained manner, very elegant and stylish things that, as well as possible, will form the image of a business person.
  • Formalistic direction. It appeared one of the most recent, in the late 80s, when the couturier decided to bring a touch of spontaneity into ordinary clothes and accessories - they began to be painted with camouflage colors. It turned out that everything gained an army mood and looked very interesting. The most commonly used standard colors, but in recent years is becoming increasingly popular color and bright military, which uses the most unexpected combination of shades.

If you want to get an image in the style of military, it is not necessary to try that all the elements of your clothes coincide with the military uniform, it is enough to combine the individual elements with ordinary clothes.

fashionable accessories

For example, wide khaki pants with patch pockets and a plain white T-shirt, the image can be complemented with army boots and droplets. We must not forget about the balance: everywhere where a large amount of military uniform details prevail, something simple and abstract must be introduced.

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