Mini Knife Copy

Good day to all, today we are going to create a mini copy of a knife. As a sample, we will have a table knife.
 table knife
For its production we will need : A thin plate of steel or tin, suitable even from a tin can, you also need a small bar of wood, as tools - files of different sections and sandpaper of different diameters.
 in as tools
Let's get started. First of all, on the steel plate we need to draw a copy of the future knife and draw it together with a part of the handle that would be more convenient later secure in a wooden handle.
 fasten in a wooden handle
After the sketch is ready, cut or cut out the future blank, it doesn't matter if it turned out with bent edges, it's easy to fix with the help of a hammer and a small anvil. Now, using a small file, trim the corners and irregularities using the original. Next we will deal with the handle itself. Saw a small rectangle from the bar, a little more than the finished handle.
 Saw off the bar
Shape a file and bring it to the desired state using fine sandpaper, then paste handle in the knife glue it for a super moment.
 Give the form
If there are rivets on your knife layout - they are easy to make from thick puncture segments. And then stick them to the handle.
 there are rivets
It remains to polish the blade with GOI paste and, if desired, varnish the handle.
 mini copies of the knife
Successful to you home-made.

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