Monica Bellucci Visits Moscow

Sonya Morsikova December 22, 2016

Look only who looked to Moscow on the eve of the New Year: Monica Bellucci presented a new work by Emir Kusturica “On the Milky Way”, in which she played the main role. The beautiful love story of a soldier who has just returned from the war and an obsession girl who was waiting for him patiently unfolds on the screen. The Italian actress lately is not often seen on the screen, so do not miss the opportunity to go to the premiere (on the screens of cinemas since January 12). In the meantime, let's admire Monica on Instagram photos. There is a chance to see the actress not only in a familiar dress, emphasizing her famous forms, but also in a relaxed way, or rather, in a fur coat, in which she was wrapped up, leaving the hotel - Russian winter after all.

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