Napkin with embroidered roses

Ribbon embroidery is one of the most original and exciting types of needlework. Products decorated with such embroidery look very rich and, at first glance, difficult. However, this impression is deceptive. I will reveal to you the secret of creating such an elegant napkin.
Materials for napkins
Materials you will need in your work: 1. A piece of gabardine sea-green 20 cm by 20 cm. 2. Threads for embroidering a "mulina" of green color (the same as a thin ribbon). 3. Sewing thread with polyester pink and white. 4. Satin or silk ribbons: pink and green, 6 mm wide, greens of a different color - 10 mm. 5. Small beads of white and golden color. 6. Flowers sequins are light yellow and white. 7. Scissors, hoops and needles: 1 for sewing with a small eyelet, 2 for ribbons with a blunt end and large ears (the length of the eyelet should correspond to the width of the bands).
creating a sketch of a picture

Getting started with creating a sketch of the picture.Next, transfer it to the fabric with a simple pencil schematically with the help of lines and points. We cut the edges of the napkin with curly scissors - this will protect the fabric from sprinkling.
we stretch the fabric on the hoop
In order for the work to be neat we stretch the fabric on the hoop. We sew threads with a seam “for a needle” with stitches.
 sew the base
To create roses, you need to sew the base. To do this, we take sewing threads of the same color as the ribbon for roses and begin to embroider the rays. We sew in one thread is not tight. Each ray is sewn twice. For a single rose sew five beams. Embroidering the base for three roses.
 We sew the base for three roses
Cooking a pink ribbon

We are preparing a pink ribbon about 40 cm long (for each rose), cut one end smoothly and the other at a 45 ° angle so that it is convenient to pass the needle through the eye.
 thread through the eye of the needle
Fix the ribbon on a needle.
 Make a flat little knot
 end of the tape bend twice
Making a flat knot. To do this, smooth the end of the tape twice bent and puncture the center with a needle. We stretch the ribbon through the knot.
 We begin to embroider a rose
We begin to embroider a rose - gossamer. Print the ribbon on the front side and wind it onto the base through one ray.
we wind it on the base
 forming the middle
First, we stretch the ribbon more, forming the middle, then - weaker. Conducting the tape under the rays, slightly twist it in order to achieve similarity with a living flower. When the rays are completely filled, we draw the tape inside out. In the same way we embroider other roses.
Holding a ribbon under the rays
At the ends of the branches, we embroider the buds with a pink ribbon with a stitch “loop in attach”. To do this, draw the tape on the front side at the base of the twig. Using the needle, grasp the fabric by the length of the bud, start the tape by the needle and lower it down, gently straightening it. We hold the loop from the ribbon with our finger and pull the needle out of the fabric, slightly rolling it (this will help the needle to thicken near the needle to pass through the fabric more easily).

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