Natalia Vodianova repainted in red color

Remember the Leela from the Fifth Element that Milla Jovovich played, or rather her orange hair? So, it was probably this movie image that inspired Natalya Vodyanova when she decided to repaint into a new ... red color! And the supermodel and the mother of five children not only repainted, but also made a long square, like the heroine of Luc Besson. In the picture on Instagram, where Natalya is fooling around with a camera, she lacks only the words “Multi-passport”.

Publication by Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova)Nov 27 2017 at 1:17 PST

How do you change? “The older, the younger,” write to Natalia, astonished subscribers in the comments. Indeed, a supermodel with a new hair color looks like a girl. How does she do it? Maybe the whole thing is in a positive spirit? Here is a picture with a new hair color Natalya signed: “And a good mood will not leave you anymore”.

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