Natalie Portman faces an anomaly in the thriller "Annihilation"

The trailer for “Annihilation” - a new and ambitious work by Alex Garland (“28 days later”, “The Beach”) - did not have time to appear on YouTube, as it collected more than 2 million views a day. This is not surprising, because the movie based on the bestseller Jeff Vandermeer clings from the first minute. A group of researchers, including the heroine Natalie Portman, is sent to the mysterious Zone X. This territory looks like the planet Pandora from the "Avatar", but conceals a mortal danger. No, it is not inhabited by monsters, but everyone who gets there does not return. An anthropologist, topographer, biologist and psychologist must make a map of the cursed area and avoid the negative impact of the zone.

What happens in this beautiful and incredibly dangerous world? What secrets do the heroes have to solve? This we can learn only in March 2018, when the film will be released on the screens of our cinemas.

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