Neighbor made incredible beauty from the usual old barrel

Just recently I learned about the incredible beauty that can be made from an ordinary old barrel, namely the mini-garden my neighbor made. She brought this idea from a trip to Belgium. As she told me, in various European countries, the creation of mini-gardens today is very popular among gardeners. And this is not surprising, because it is so easy to take care of him and such beauty does not take much space in the garden.

The most interesting thing is that such a mini-garden can be done not only in your own yard, but also at home or in the office - it can be put on a computer desk, on a window sill in a children's room or even in the living room. Mini-garden will help you to escape from the daily rush and relax.

How to decorate the garden with their own hands

This kind of breeding of potted plants allows you to get the most decorative effect with the minimum area involved.Of course, the creation of a mini-garden in a pot begins with an idea. This may be a miniature rock garden created from small stones and tiny plants, a magical garden with dwarf trees or an oasis in the desert. Anything you wish!

My neighbor created not just a miniature garden in an old wine barrel, but a real masterpiece.

All the homework is delighted, and the children are just happy! And here is the charming mini-garden of my neighbor.

Creating a beautiful mini-garden with your own hands in a pot or in another suitable container is much easier than equipping a real garden, but the pleasure of working on a smaller copy is no less. You can also attract your children to the creation of a kindergarten, they will like it!

When creating such a mini-garden, you can use the available tools: toy parts, beads, stones - anything.

Here is another idea for creating your own mini-garden. Magical, isn't it?

In order to make a table and bench for fairies, you can use regular ice cream sticks.

If you do not have an old barrel, you can use any container, pot, or even ... a kettle and saucer!

The most spectacular look in life and in the photo mini-gardens, repeating the landscape of the infield.

Also very interesting is the mini-garden at the foot of the tree. Of course, it will be harder, but this composition looks incredible!

Mini-garden is an original decoration and an exciting hobby for those who need relaxation, and rich green color will add positive energy to your life.

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