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Devialet D-Premier photoDevialet D-Premier Overview and Features

Devialet D-Premier demonstrates a rich set of digital switching, including two HDMI ports (input and output, already present in the form of connectors, but not yet supported by software). But the presence of only six RCA-type connectors at first is surprising, especially if we compare this with the expanded list of digital coaxial and analog inputs and outputs in the device passport. The point here is that they are all configurable, they can be assigned as inputs or outputs, digital or (combining two adjacent) analog stereo pairs. They can also realize the output of the preamplifier, the through channel for the home theater and the output to the subwoofer, or, finally, make two inputs for the vinyl turntable, setting individual parameters for each of them, as described above. The exceptional flexibility of settings in the configuration menu also allows you to set various filters required when connecting a subwoofer, rear shelves, and when dividing lanes in bi-amping. It is possible to configure a pair of devices as two monoblock (main and slave), increasing the already impressive performance of the system as a whole.


A one-piece aluminum body made from thick, complexly curved sheets is polished to the top - it can look like its ideal surface in a mirror. In appearance, it is extremely difficult to guess about the functions of the model, since not a single feature in the design does not give out its belonging to the class of audio devices. The Wi-Fi receiving antenna in the center of the rounded surface leads further away from the audio associations. The remote control is made to fit the device itself - it is a square bar of fair size and weight (half a kilogram on the passport). It works at a radio frequency and has only four control buttons, two of which are programmed to perform different operations. The volume is controlled by a huge round plate on the console, gently rotating from light touch and having a step of 0.5 dB. As a comment on ergonomics, it can be noted that there is no information display on the solid mirror end of the Devialet D-Premier. Its small version (measuring slightly more than a five-ruble coin) showing the current volume level and the selected input is on the top cover, so that when the component is installed in a rack, but vertically on the wall, the screen becomes visible, albeit badly.

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