Nicole Kidman changed her hair, and what do you think, what?

The actress never ceases to amaze fans of changing images.

The star has a great love for her fiery tresses. They became her chip. It is worth saying that Kidman has repeatedly tried to achieve a shade of copper in order to return to the red beast, from which the whole of Hollywood is crazy! The other day photographers caught a star on the set of the second season of the series “Big Little Lie”, for which she received an Emmy in the nomination “Best Actress of the Mini-Series”. She was in the image of one of the residents of the city of Monterey - Celeste Wright. Fans immediately noticed a change in the appearance of the actress. From the blonde she turned into a red-haired lady with a bang. "Big little lie" has long been loved by housewives. And for them, Kidman will forever remain the ideal to which they aspire in their dreams ...


Also, 51-year-old Nicole has taken aback her fans with the news that she wants to become a mother for the third time! Apparently, the star decided to finally reassure the gossipers, who constantly gossip about not all is well in the Kidman family.The actress with great pleasure posing in front of the cameras with her husband Australian musician Keith Urban. Note that the couple is already raising 8-year-old Faith and 10-year-old Sunday-Rose.

The actress is not afraid to give birth to a child at such a respectable age. According to her, medicine is already doing everything that is impossible, so that a person can make his dreams come true. Kidman admitted in an interview that the grandmother gave birth to her mother at 49 years old. And this is not the limit!

Few people know that Nicole has experienced heart-rending dramas in her life. Married to Tom Cruise, she lost her child twice. Then the star couple adopted the boy Connor and the girl Isabella. After ten years of marriage, Kidman decided to divorce Cruise. After that, the children moved away from their mothers and even broke off communication. However, Nicole believes that she can find a common language with them.

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