No longer super: Kate Moss has turned into a real bun

Once the most demanded model completely abandoned itself and looks untidy.

It is not a secret that models constantly keep themselves in tight-fitting gloves: they sit on exhausting diets and play sports almost every day. It does not rarely happen that after the shows or photo shoots the girls start to get better. The reason lies in the fact that they simply begin to eat whatever they want. Apparently, this happened with supermodel Kate Moss. The other day the paparazzi caught the celebrity off guard. Despite the fact that Kate was dressed in a poncho, you can easily see that the model has noticeably gained weight.

Photo: Legion-Media
Photo: Legion-Media
Photo: Legion-Media

The hips of the model have become very voluminous, but there are no traces of the former waist. Perhaps Moss decided to eat fat in time for the winter so that she was warm. It is hard to believe that a few months ago the model participated in the Fashion for Relief show. And judging by the photos, she looked quite thin.

In fact, Kate has repeatedly gained excess weight and did not look like a supermodel. However, each time she returned to her former form and defiled on the catwalk, showing off her thin legs. The model has repeatedly admitted in an interview that a very simple diet, which consists of low-calorie yogurt and fruit, helps her to lose weight quickly. Therefore, you can not worry about those extra pounds Moss, because she quickly says goodbye to them.

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