No need to scorch: 4 things that only provincials do

0As the famous saying goes: “Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.” And for life to change, you need to change yourself first. It does not need to assume that only people from remote corners have provincial habits. It also happens that a person from the village behaves very intelligently, and the native of Moscow looks like a real country man. Most likely, the case in education. And provincialism today is often understood not as a characteristic of rural origin, but as a specific set of behaviors.

The first thing to start with is the provincial habits, which are so conspicuous and annoying to others.


№ 1. Familiarity

People are used to judging others, focusing mainly on their age. Other merits in no way affect the degree of respect. A provincial can easily call just by the name of a young man, and sincerely does not understand why he should turn to someone for "you."

It does not matter that this young man is in charge, for example, of a store, is the head of a department at a university, or is the editor-in-chief of a large publication. He a priori will be just "neighbor Mishka", because he is younger.


No. 2. Speech

The most annoying feature of provincials is a wrong speech. The case may be in a large number of jargon and inappropriate appearances, and in violation of language rules.

However, the problem is not even this: all this can be corrected by going, for example, several times to a speech therapist. The difficulty is that people with such a speech do not hear themselves from the outside. It seems to them that everyone else speaks differently, and their speech is correct.


No. 3. Clothing

People despise "urban dandies", but on the other hand - they dream to be like them. As a result, clothing is bought catchy and challenging, with rhinestones, fur and feathers. Only now it is bought at very low prices in the markets, and therefore it looks appropriate. "But there is!" - this is the motto of those who want to dress up.

In addition, the distinctive feature of people with provincial manners, who at the same time could live all their lives in the city, - to appear on the street only "with full parade."Heels, bright meticulous make-up, hairstyle - and this for every day.



№ 4. Intolerance

If you see someone on the street or in the subway looking askance at a girl with colored hair or a dark-skinned guy - most likely, this is precisely a provincial. It is important to note that those who are intolerant of people with provincial manners are also provincial enough. Friendliness was appreciated always and everywhere.


These were 4 things that only provincials do. Even if you live in a big city all your life, do not think that you are exactly deprived of provincial manners. Take a closer look at yourself and make yourself better.

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