Odozdayki syndrome: 10 life hacking for those who do not have time

Lack of time is the scourge of modern society. We tell how to manage to do the right things faster so that there is time for the beloved.

1. Do not be lazy in the morning

Mastering the art of early awakening is a great way to do everything. Try to sleep in bed early, and start the morning with a light charge - it will help to cheer up and tune in the right way. In addition, in the morning you can redo a lot of the necessary work, while other dormouse rest and lose precious time.

2. Add new classes

The more work you need to do, the more you will have time. In a limited period of time, most people concentrate, act quickly and do not get distracted. If you have long wanted to start a new hobby - include it in the plan and there will be time for it quickly.

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3. Let the activity bring you pleasure

Everyone has time for happy personalities working at their favorite work or doing their favorite work. If the situation is different - you will not be able to do anything because of the lack of desire and motivation to work.So why spend your life on something that you do not like? Being engaged in favorite business you will receive more, to feel happiness and not to dream of days off.

4. Master the planning

To catch up with all the important things, sit down in the evening and sketch out the schedule for the coming day. So you will clearly know what, when and for what time you need to do. It is also useful to note how much time you spend on performing regular tasks and think about how to reduce it. It is also important to learn how to distribute the load - so that all days are occupied evenly. And your lists should always be in front of your eyes.

5. Concentrate on one task.

“In order to be in time, you need to do several things at once!” - some people are sure. However, this opinion is fundamentally wrong. Trying to do several things at the same time you most likely will not bring one to the final. Go to the next case, only doing the previous one.

6. Start with complex tasks.

It is believed that the working day should begin with the most difficult and important work. Only, mind you, do not be distracted by trifles. Then the whole day will be no less productive. And if you start the morning routine, then you relax and do not have time to master the new horizons.

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7. Eliminate all unnecessary

Our time is devoured by things that do not lead us to anything. Take at least the same social network. Have you noticed that going to Instagram spend not 5 minutes there, as you were going, but stuck for at least half an hour? The same applies to games on a computer or phone. In your life to change something for the better thanks to another hundred points for the puzzle collected? Smoke breaks should be attributed to the same camp (at the same time eradicating the habit!) And reading the yellow press. Do you care when the firstborn of Prince Harry is born? And is it really necessary to twist the conversation with the boss for the tenth time in my head?

8. Enjoy the present

You can not think about the virtues of the past and the future, if you want to keep up with everything in the present. If you constantly fly in the thoughts of the past or future days, you at least do not enjoy the present moment. As a maximum, you will not have time to change for the better in your present, constantly grieving about something or expecting something.

9. Keep order

It may be worth starting to put the keys on the same place, so as not to look for them every morning? If all things lie in their places labor efficiency rises tenfold.The problem is not only in the lost folder with the annual report. Often the brain works better when order is around, not chaos.

10. Combine change and routine

Collect all the small things in one time period and do them only at this time. For example, you can set aside some time in the evening to view all messages received per day in messengers. Or do the little things during the break between the main tasks - but this is a method for extreme lovers.

11. Take a rest

To keep everything scheduled for the day, take five-minute breaks every hour. The ideal option is a change of activity. For example, if you work at a computer, go outside, get some air, or at least walk around the office.

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12. Boldly cross out

If you want to keep up, stop planning many things at once. However, you can first jot down a list of several dozen items, and then carefully read it, removing the excess. Try to play the game - cut it in half. And then postpone it. After a while, take it again and cut even more. So you leave only the most important thing. Ideally, a to-do list should contain no more than five goals.This must be the most important to you. Only here to play such games is worth the night before.

P.S. There are no miracles

Leave the search for a miracle recipe that will help you keep up without putting any more effort. In addition, everything is physically impossible to catch. In the best case, you will earn psychological exhaustion, at worst, mired in depression. And then certainly nothing will be wanted. Remember, only the one who knows what needs to be done first is in time.

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