Only 2 actions that eliminate chaos in your house

Japanese Marie Kondo realized her mission in 10 years - she decided to learn how to restore order. And as it often happens for some reason with the Japanese, she created a whole art from a boring routine occupation with elements of celebration and religion. ConMari method.

Bringing order to Kondo - a great holiday, abruptly changing your life. After it, it will be enough for you only in the evenings to easily arrange things in places. ConMari cleaning consists of two stages. First of all, you need to completely get rid of the trash. And in the second, organize the storage of the remaining things.

And until you complete the first task, you should not take up the second task, otherwise you will drag chaos from one room to another. Kondo does not believe that “the frog should be eaten in parts.” No, in one fell swoop - all the trash is overwhelmed. Of course, you need to prepare for such a serious day. And it is better that relatives do not distract you (with their screams of horror).

Destroy chaos

The order of littering is as follows: clothes, books, documents and papers, everything else, souvenirs and memorabilia. To disassemble clothes, you need to collect them all, from all rooms, drawers and cabinets in a large pile. Now you take each thing in your hands and listen to yourself: how do you feel?

This thing makes you happy, soothes, is it pleasant and comfortable? Or is she annoying, causing unpleasant memories, dissatisfaction with herself or resentment of the person who gave it to her? Down with things reduced to the status of "home". You have the right and at home to dress in beautiful and comfortable things, and not worn and not washable.


The main thing is to decide what you leave. According to Kondo, the house should be filled only with your favorite things. When you choose such a minimum, everything else is in bags and won. Of course, you do not have to throw things in the trash, they can be sold or given away. The main thing is not to hide in cabinets for a case, but suddenly a whirling blouse will one day become loved. To clear your conscience, thank every thing goodbye for the work it has done.

With books, the principle is the same. Rake everything out of the cabinets. Pat the covers, hold the books in your hands, “wake up” them.And now choose the most beloved and put them back. All others deserve a chance to meet another hostess.

Documents are all kinds of instructions to household appliances (which are already on the Internet), cuttings with recipes (the same thing), old bills and the like. Almost nothing, except, of course, all official papers there, should not be kept at home.

Then we disassemble household appliances, dishes, cosmetic accessories, even furniture (by this time, some nightstands may no longer be necessary). The last evaluation is given to souvenirs and gifts. They have already done their job of bringing you joy. You are not obliged to turn into a perpetual museum watchman as thanks. Therefore, leave only that without which you do not want to live.

Organize order

Now that a ringing and frightening emptiness has formed in the apartment, it is necessary to restore order. Every thing must have its own place! Homeless objects lead to new debris. For a start, put everything into categories. Books to books, bed linen to linen, chemistry to chemistry. Then arrange everything so that it is easy to take what you need. Mary is even against the tradition of removing seasonal items on the mezzanine, let them be at hand.

After clearing, you will not need any special organizers, vacuum bags and other storage devices, except for those that are already in the house. Condos are against spending money on all these garbage collectors.

Marie is also the enemy of all sorts of cups. All clothes (except for those that should hang on hangers) she, for example, puts the squares in neat rows in drawers. By color, if a lot of things. And the squares are made stable. Take out one thing, and the rest are not confused.

Marie does not leave things on the floor, removes everything from the sides of the bathroom or the sink in the kitchen. Watch a meditative video in which Marie gently folds her underwear.

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