Original and inexpensive gifts for March 8 colleagues

Women's Day on March 8 is a holiday not only for mothers and grandmothers. Your employees are also waiting for small gifts that will cheer up and create a festive atmosphere even in the office. If you still do not know what to give to colleagues on March 8, our ideas for original and inexpensive gifts will help you make the right choice.

Inexpensive corporate gifts for March 8 to the women's team

Calculators, pens, paper - these are necessary supplies in the office, but on March 8, employees should better present something original. Chocolate, flowers, postcards with their own hands - these are all universal gifts that have gotten bored, and today we will share with you new ideas.

Here is a list of good corporate gifts for the fair sex:

  • A creative USB hub is a very useful thing in every office. Today, more and more devices are being connected to computers, and such a device will become indispensable for those who lack ports.To make a gift for the employee on March 8 original, visit several online stores - for sure you can find a cheerful and practical gift worth about 200 rubles.
  • Unusual mug with USB-heating - one of the most necessary gifts to the employee, which you can give for any holiday, including on March 8.
  • Many of your colleagues spend half their time in the office, so interior stickers will be an excellent gift for March 8th. It can be funny stickers not only on the wall or for a laptop - in online stores have everything to decorate even an ordinary desk lamp or office microwave.
  • In addition to these gifts, you can also look at the original businesswomen, cheerful office herbs, which will please the green all year round, and also to the set of adapters for charging the laptop - this is a good corporate gift for March 8 for all colleagues.

What else you can give a colleague on March 8, depends on your budget and employee preferences. A gift can be both individual and collective.

Gifts for March 8 to the female leader

A colleague or subordinate who gave the right corporate gift immediately gets immunity in the eyes of the head.

Here are the ideas of inexpensive but original women's gifts for the head on March 8:

  • Wireless flexible keyboard.
  • Movie tickets are a great gift to a female leader on March 8th. Let your colleague look at your favorite movie, and forget about work for this evening.
  • A small toaster is a useful device for the entire female team.
  • Good coffee set.
  • The original notebook with a pen "My Tsar's decrees" will surely please your supervisor and create a good mood for the whole day.
  • A creative holder for a tablet in the form of a spider is another affordable and useful gift for a manager on March 8.
  • It is also worth knowing that you do not need to give a woman leader and employees for March 8. Such gifts include, for example, cosmetics and perfumes, jewelry and jewelry, in addition to key chains. Since these are strictly individual things, you can not guess the brand of hand cream or style of jewelry.

    Remember that gifts for March 8 to colleagues primarily mean making life easier in the office, and nevertheless, gifts should not be boring, because every girl wants a giver not to forget about her delicate emotional nature.

    We hope that our advice will help you choose a good corporate gift for March 8.

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