Original box made of scrap materials

Many skilled workers prefer to make everything with their own hands, especially jewelry boxes for handicraft items. It is very simple, not expensive and original. You can make a box of exactly the size that is needed, as well as the color that is most preferred by the craftswoman. The model I proposed can be used not only for handicrafts, but also for jewelry or storage of various collections. To get started, you need: - shoebox or any other optional - self-adhesive paper; - fabric for exterior decoration; - fabric for the inside; - cut out paper drawing; - two embroidered flowers on the canvas; - scissors, glue, thread, needle, adhesive tape.
 To get started
Getting Started: 1. The first stage of work is the transformation of the casket lid. To do this, take the lid of the box and carefully glue it on both sides. Make sure that there are no bubbles and wrinkles. Then we take paper drawing and glue, with the help of glue, on the cover.Also smoothed by removing air bubbles.
 transform the casket lid
 transformation of the casket lid
2. Getting to the decoration of the box itself. We take the fabric and fold it in half.
 we fold the fabric
 we fold the fabric
Next, use a thread and a needle, attach the fabric to the box, smoothing it smoothly her.
carefully smoothing
These seams will not be visible, so the length of the seam may be different. We sew the stitching seams
Create the corners and sides of the box.
 Form the corners and sides

 Form the corners and sides
 ormiruemangles and sides
Some needlewomen prefer to perform triangular lateral folds of fabric - outward, I, always hide them inside. In my opinion, it's more beautiful and more interesting.And after we have made the fabric to the box, we can go on sewing the inner fabric.We make the seams from the front side, exactly along the edge of the box.
 We sew overlaying seams
 We sew overlaying seams
 We make seams for obmetochnye
We don’t stretch the fabric and make it natural folds. At the very bottom of the box we leave the fabric a little more, which would also form waves. All knots are carefully tied and hid. We cut the thread with scissors. 3. We proceed to the external decoration of the box. We cut out the embroidered element from the canvas, so that the edges from the drawing are 1 cm wider. (Ф13) We sew the drawing with a thread in two pieces. to the external decoration of the casket
We dissolve the remaining material from the seam to the edge and form a flatfringe.  to the exterior of the casket You can also cut and cut individual threads. With inconspicuous seams we sew the element to the casket. We try to hide each knot and firmly fix it, because we will use the casket regularly and nothing should fall off and blossom. The second side is also designed. For the originality of the box you can sew different embroideries on each side. Note. If you have other interesting elements of decor, such as ribbons, beads, beads and much more. You can easily sew them on the casket. This will not only ennoble her, but also add refinement. And if suddenly you don’t have any fabric at all, you can simply glue the casket with self-adhesive paper and decorate it with paper drawings. And on top of the design we sew or glue beads, beads and simple flowers from ribbons. 4. That is ready our box for handicrafts. Invent and implement!  casket of scrap materials

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