Original variants of the wall housekeeper

In order not to lose the keys, keep them in one place and always keep in sight, you can use the wall key holder. And you can make such an original accessory with your own hands.

How to make the original housekeeper: manufacturing methods

Wall key hanger is an indispensable accessory, especially if each tenant has several keyring. To make an object in different ways, and some involve the use of scrap materials and minimal financial, power and time costs. Below are interesting ideas.

Method one

Considering the interesting options for the manufacture of key keepers, it is worth noting this. You will need:

  • a large photo frame or baguette for a picture,
  • plywood sheet;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • several hooks;
  • all-purpose adhesive;
  • decorative items;
  • hardware for fasteners (there are several options).

Process description:

  1. First you need to put a frame on the plywood and circle it. Jigsaw cut material on the contour.
  2. Now you need to do the decor of plywood, which will serve as the basis for placing the hooks. The first way is to paint it with acrylic paints. The second is to paste a photo or poster. The third option is to use different decorative elements, such as feathers, glitter, appliqués, and so on.
  3. On a decorated plywood base, fix several hooks, gluing them with universal glue.
  4. Now glue the frame to the plywood.
  5. The key keeper is ready, you can hang it on the wall, for example, using double-sided tape or wire and studs.

Second way

Simple and compact key hanger can be made of wood. Prepare:

  • wooden block (approximate dimensions - 30x10x4 cm);
  • one long screw or nail (if you use a screw, you will need a screwdriver);
  • jigsaw (or face circular saw);
  • sanding machine or sandpaper;
  • Ruler and pencil.


  1. On the bar every 6-8 centimeters make transverse marks with a ruler and a pencil.
  2. Marked need circular saw or electric jigsaw to drill holes at an angle of 45 degrees about half the bar.The keys will be placed in them.
  3. Next, you need to polish the bar so that it acquires an attractive and aesthetic appearance.
  4. With a nail or self tapping, fix the bar on the wall. Holes must go down so that the keys fit into them and do not fall out.

Tip: to make it easier to remove the keys from the slots, provide them with charms. Such accessories will additionally decorate the housekeeper and the hall.

Third way

This method is suitable if you do not mind spoiling the wall with holes. For the manufacture of a key keeper you need:

  • a small log;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • colors of different colors;
  • nails.

Description of the manufacturing process:

  1. You need to cut the log with a jigsaw into approximately identical circles. The thickness of one should be about 2-3 centimeters.
  2. Each wooden circle paint. And you can decorate the blank by creating simple patterns or patterns on them.
  3. Next, nail all the circles to the wall so that 1-1.5 centimeters of nails remain, which will play the role of hooks. It is possible to fix elements in a certain order, in the form of a figure, an inscription or chaotically.
  4. Simple key house ready!

Fourth way

Original housekeepers can be made from the scrap materials available to each. And this method - too much evidence of this. Here's what you need:

  • box of cardboard (for example, from under the shoe);
  • self-adhesive towel hooks (if they are different, it will look even more interesting);
  • wrapping paper or cloth;
  • a thick needle and the corresponding thread;
  • all-purpose adhesive;
  • double sided tape.

Phased manufacturing:

  1. The function of the basis will be the box. How to make it? For example, cover with wrapping paper or cloth, fixing the material with glue. The lid should also be completely wrapped.
  2. Now fasten the lid on the box. This can be done with the help of threads and needles. Mounting can be on top or side: immediately find out how you would be more convenient to open the housekeeper.
  3. Put the hooks on the inside of the box on which the keys will be hung.
  4. With the help of double-sided tape secure the finished homemade key holder on the wall.

Helpful Tips

Finally, some useful recommendations:

  • If you have no idea how the housekeeper should look like, study the examples. Perhaps some ideas you like.
  • Determine the number of hooks or other items for placing keys, based on the number of bundles.
  • When making a housekeeper, consider the color range and style in which the interior of the hallway or corridor is decorated (usually the keys are stored in these rooms).

If you still keep your keys in your pocket and constantly lose them, make your own original housekeeper, which will not only become the location for the bundles, but also decorate the interior.

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