Orlando, Leo and other actors who love to undress

Candid scenes are found in the career of any actor. Someone resorts to the services of doubles, someone carefully chooses the angle. But not our hero. These men have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Dornan. These actors have nothing to hide: they showed the audience not only the soul, but also the body. Someone flashed only one part of the body, while others walked in what the mother gave birth to almost half of the film. However, each of the films presented is interesting not only by the “hot” scenes.

Jamie Dornan

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The actor became known for his acclaimed trilogy "50 shades of gray." Prior to that, he managed to play in several "hot" advertising campaigns. Especially bright was the video for Calvin Klein, in which Jamie Dornan appeared almost naked.

In the first part of the “50 shades of gray” the actor could only be seen from the back, even though he acted completely naked.But in the continuation of the audience were able to see Christian Gray without embellishment. The producers had to fork out: Dornan’s fee for the second and third parts was more than $ 10 million! But for the first part, he received only 250 thousand. I wonder how much money the wife of actor Amelia Warner had to give. As you know, she forbade the spouse to withdraw naked. But, to the delight of all the fans, Jamie Dornan somehow managed to get around this ban.

Ewen macgregor

Naked Yuen McGregor
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The star of "Star Wars" and "Moulin Rouge" is completely confident in his body. It was never a problem for an actor to undress in front of the camera. True, this is more evident from his early works: “On a Needle”, “Young Adam”, “Velvet Goldmine”, “Intimate Diary”. “Actually, I'm not an exhibitionist! - the actor jokes. - Cinema reflects life, right? And from time to time in this life we ​​happen to be naked. I do not have complexes in this regard. Here is my body, here is my character, and the plot is naked. I like to do it. ” Such courage can only envy!

Colin farrell

Naked colin farrell
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This Irish sex symbol without shame teases the minds of fans. The actor showed all the charms in the films "Alexander", "Ask the Dust", "Hart's War", "The Land of Tigers", "The Lonely Man".But because of the rigid rules in cinemas, not all the naked scenes reached the audience. The picture “House at the end of the world” suffered especially: the actor was not embarrassed even with the erection that had arisen, but the producers had to remove the scandalous frame - the reaction of the first audience was so violent. But do not worry: the directors understand that they want to see fans of Colin Farrell, and you can find a juicy episode in advanced versions of films.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Naked Leonardo DiCaprio
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The famous actor was not embarrassed in front of the camera even at the beginning of his career. He first undressed in the film "Total Eclipse." The film tells about the relationship of two French poets - Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rambo. The role of the latter and played DiCaprio. Colleagues later said that Leo undressed without any doubt and was ready to carry out all the commands of the director. A large number of bed scenes were filmed, however, half of the final version of the film was not included. But in the film "The Wolf of Wall Street" you can see the Oscar-winning actor better. “If you take on such a role, then go to the end. You have to forget about yourself, because you are depicting a completely different person, ”DiCaprio is convinced.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Naked Arnold Schwarzenegger
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That's really who should not play shyness, so it is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Man-mountain, Mr. Universe, the idol of men and women around the world. Creating a perfect body with bodybuilding, he began his acting career with adult films. Then he still had more than once to strip in the cult history of the Terminator: the scene of the appearance of the T-800 still makes an indelible impression. True, becoming more known, the actor refused to explicit scenes. So the partners of “Iron Arnie” have nothing to say.

Viggo mortensen

Naked Viggo Mortensen
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The actor appeared in all its glory in the American-Japanese drama "Indian fugitive" and the thriller "Vice for export", where Viggo played the Russian bandit Nikolai. The scene in the last picture is considered to be one of the most aggressive “naked” scenes ever filmed. In 2016, the film "Captain Fantastic" was released, where Viggo Mortensen again had to undress. Now, looking at Aragorn in “The Lord of the Rings”, you can dream up on piquant themes. Especially since in 2001 the actor was clearly younger.

Orlando Bloom

Naked orlando bloom
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There will be something to gossip about to the fans of the “Lord of the Rings” and looking at Legolas.Orlando Bloom undressed in the plot of Conspiracy Theory. Of course, the episode with his participation does not greatly influence the development of the plot, but, in the opinion of the female spectators, it is very much decorating the picture. Yes, and the actor himself often recalls these shots: “For a whole week I was hanging around the platform completely naked, I only had socks on my clothes, you can't even imagine what I felt. Nevertheless, I am glad that I had such an acting experience. ”

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