Knitting collars

Knitting collars The scheme of knitting a collar with knitting needles is very simple. It can even be performed by a beginner, however, for this you need a little patience and some good examples. For the first time the collar appeared in the 13th.

Chamomile hair lightening

Chamomile hair lightening Erofeevskaya Natalya Blondes and fair-haired girls and women who have a negative experience of “communicating” with factory dye products, are prone to allergic reactions, or who prefer natural dyes in principle, to give hair a dynamic look and brighten individual strands.

Who to go to work with, if at all, no experience

Who is going to work if there is no experience at all? Finding a job is not easy. And if there is no experience, the task becomes more complicated. But still, in this case there are some options. Who to go to work? Finding.

The amazing properties of the marsh cow

The amazing properties of the marsh cow Sabelnik is a unique plant, and it can help improve health and even alleviate the condition in some diseases. But to achieve the desired effect, you need to properly apply such a tool. What is this plant?

Different types of yoga for beginners

Different types of yoga for beginners The history of yoga began millennia ago in India. Wise ancestors created this technique as a result of long observations of the human nature. Its goal is the development of spiritual and physical harmony. If you are exhausted.

Kitten Ryzhik

Kitty Ryzhik Children always like small soft toys. Kids play with them with pleasure, take them on walks and to kindergarten, go to bed with them. You can sew such a wonderful soft friend with your child, and then he will be especially dear.

Recipes for birch sap

Recipes for birch sap Braga was made from ancient times not only for the production of moonshine, but also as an independent alcoholic beverage. Depending on the strength of the fortress, kvas (3-8 degrees) was obtained, with prolonged fermentation, the brag was intended for.

Recipe for New Year 2015: strudel with meat, recipe with photo

Recipe for New Year 2015: strudel with meat, recipe with photos One of the most popular New Year's dishes in the world of Austrian cuisine is strudel. Translated from German, this dish sounds like a "whirlwind." This name is justified if you look at.

13 simple sweets without baking

13 simple sweets without baking Cakes and pastries are a delicacy that is so hard to refuse! If you want to cook something very tasty, but do not want to bother with baking for a long time, then these recipes are an ideal option.

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