Weaving a basket of paper tubes

Materials and tools:

  1. newspaper;
  2. glue;
  3. straw (knitting needle);
  4. thick cardboard;
  5. fabric;
  6. clamp.

Step 1

Let's cut the newspaper into strips 10 cm wide. We take a newspaper strip, put it on the needle a bit to the corner - we'll get a little conical tube, roll the tube and glue the edge.

Make the bottom of the basket: cut 2 rectangles out of cardboard. On all sides of one rectangle we glue the tubes through the spacing. Glue the second rectangle with a cloth and glue over the first rectangle.

Step 2

Let's start weaving the basket, starting from the corner. Take the tube and wrap it around the corner tube (see figure). Then we begin to weave, passing the tube "in checkerboard pattern" between the tubes going from the bottom of the basket.

When the tube ends, take another tube and insert its narrow end into the previous one.

Repeating these steps, weave the walls of the basket to the desired height. At the end of the bend the end of the tube inside the basket and glue. A basket of newspaper tubes is ready.

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