Photo: how to make a costume of Red Riding Hood Halloween

Photo: how to make a costume of Red Riding Hood Halloween

Photo: how to make a costume of Red Riding Hood Halloween

Little Red Riding Hood is the heroine of an old, well-known fairy tale, which sounds very scary in the original! The image of a girl in a red cape can try on themselves and young lovers of a terrible holiday, and young girls going to a party.

The costume of this heroine is not too complicated.

For girls: photo

From the red at Red Riding Hood, in essence, only a cape with a hood, which can be replaced with a hat with long ears.

If you choose the second option, then to make such a hat better from simple materials, they will not be hot. But for a small child, a simple, short cape still fits better - the hood can be removed and put on if it becomes hot or cool, and it also adds an additional element of the game.

In general, the Red Riding Hood is usually depicted for some reason as a little Bavarka - in a black and white dress with full sleeves, a bow on the back, an apron and pseudoscords in front.You can leave this option, stitching or transforming the dress under it, but you can restrict yourself to any dress not especially below the knee, wearing an apron on it and sewing a bow from behind. The dress does not have to be red, but it will not be a bad choice. Apron - white, like tights, and shoes of any color.

Accessory Red Cap - basket with pies. You can buy or weave it, just make a small basket that the child will easily pick up. You should not put pies in it, but fill a basket with sweets or small, not heavy fruits - completely! Cover them with a napkin, and let Little Red Riding Hood hand out food to friends.Photo: how to make a costume of Red Riding Hood Halloween

For girls: photo

You can completely copy the "for the child" option, only with the sizes for the adult, and you can slightly transform it, for those who want to emphasize the shapes or for those who go to a themed Halloween party, for example a club that requires a more provocative costume.

As for the latter, the image of Little Red Riding Hood was used here too, and with pleasure - there are many films, comic books, and books in which Little Hearn grew up and again goes through some kind of adventure.If you want to make a carefully calibrated outfit yourself, copy it from one of the images in such stories.

But the optimal version of the costume for Halloween for adults in this image is this: a short dress (or a skirt with a blouse) of any color (in general the colors for this suit are red, white and black, but you can replace it with any other color), the blouse or dress should be a deep neckline and short sumptuous sleeves ("Bavarian" outfit for adult girls), a corset emphasizing the chest, with a wide lacing, shoes or high-heeled boots.Photo: how to make a costume of Red Riding Hood Halloween

You can wear transparent, patterned or mesh tights, or you can go this way. The skirt should be trimmed with narrow strips of organza to make it more luxurious, of the same color as the lacing. The cap can be more simple, with short, cute sticking out in different directions ears, reminiscent of the ears of Japanese female cats, and you can leave the option with a cape. In this case, it is better to do it shorter, on the shoulder blades, and best of all - from silk or satin, or from any shiny synthetics, similar to these fabrics.

Photo: how to make a costume of Red Riding Hood Halloween

In the basket you can put the same candy or fruit, or you can - something more "adult", for example, small bottles of alcohol.

In addition, you can negotiate with a guy or a friend about the "double" suit - he can dress as a wolf, and you will be frightening and cute to look close.

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