Pierre Ducane: "Happy people do not get fat"

Dr. Pierre Ducane, whose diet is losing weight half the world, is working on a completely new system of weight loss, allowing you to control the weight of the child before birth. And with readers, Woman’s day shares simple ways to lose weight fast.
Photo: Alexander Chernov

- There are 2.3 billion overweight people in the world, 600 million are obese. A person with obesity lives 9 years less than usual. At 23, I swore the Hippocratic Oath and must protect people's health. I have to fight with even a little redness in my throat. Now imagine the feeling of a doctor who is looking at 600 million obese people. Therefore I am at war.

Photo: Alexander Chernov

How to become a world famous nutritionist

- For seven years I studied in France as a neurologist, because I was wondering how the brain works, and I wanted to earn a living from it. After graduation, I rented a small office for private practice. Somehow a man came who I really liked, because he was a publisher of poetry, and I love poetry. We talked for hours and became good buddies.Once he confided in me that his obesity severely binds him, and he wants me to take up his weight loss. I immediately replied that I did not understand anything in this and could not help. He insisted, and then I told him to eat a lot of meat and drink a lot of water, and five days later he came to me.

After five days, we were both shocked by the results. He dropped 5 pounds. Then I said that the procedure must be repeated. After five days, he dropped another three kilograms. He was so happy that he was ready to continue the experiment. I said - now add vegetables to the diet so that the intestines work well.

Five days later he came upset, because he did not lose anything and I decided that he should alternate five days of meat and five days of meat with vegetables. As a result, this man could easily lose 40 kilograms. I was 24 years old, I was very young, and it was incredible to see such results. After this incident, I realized that I don’t have a place in neurology, because the most amazing things happen in dietetics.

I spent three years studying the course of nutrition and after some time I hung up a sign in my office “Mr. Dukan. Nutrition »I was taught nutritional calorie counting, which was popular at the time. Patients came back to me and said that it was not working.As a person who had dedicated medicine to ten years, these words were hurtful to hear. I remembered the story of a man who lost weight through meat, and began to offer this method to his patients. The customers were happy, I was happy, and this has been going on for thirty years.

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