New Year's time is a time for fairy tales and fulfillment of desires. In the New Year time I want to believe in miracles, the improvement of the world, changes in personal and public life. So you want everything to be good, no matter what the circumstances. And it is also important to wish everyone a Happy New Year. But it is not always possible to do it personally, in an original way, without repetitions.

I want it from the heart, and to believe. Yes, and most want to believe that it is in the New Year 2019 that something extraordinary and wonderful will happen. I propose a selection of Christmas poems, ditties, SMS messages for different categories of people around you. I hope that they will help you achieve the desired effect. Also in the article you will find ideas for spending New Year's Eve to celebrate the Year of the Yellow Earthen Pig with a smile on your face and a joy in your heart.

Poems, ditties, SMS with the New Year

Below is a list of poems, ditties and Christmas SMS for different occasions. Poems can be read as a New Year's toast. Chastushki will be useful at competitions. A SMSki waiting for your family and relatives.It is always nice when SMS comes not from the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the store, but from a loved one, and with a wonderful wish of New Year's happiness.

For friends and relatives

Mom and son


Dear family!
I love you immensely!
In the New Year let us
It will be a lot of fun!
Let our house not enter
No offense!
Happy New Year, family!
Happy New Year, my beloved!


We are under the tree with you
Let us lie down a bit.
So you look and by October
We'll babysit Leszek.


New Year's family holiday!
Without family, I am nowhere!
Though on a mountain in a soft sleeping bag,
Though the sea forever!


Christmas time.
Christmas tree Olivie. A family.
The round dance. Songs. Dancing
Tinsel. Toys Masks.

For colleagues

In the office


Dear Colleagues!
Winter is here again!
We are one team
As if we are all family!
I wish you happiness!
I wish love!
Be all of you beautiful
In the year of the Yellow Pig!


Father Frost I'm in a bag
I'll do an audit.
He was going to give gifts
The whole division!


The pig is already on the threshold!
But it does not matter!
Friends-colleagues, Happy New Year!
Already getting cold on the table food!
In the glasses boldly pour champagne!
And we drink for happiness! For the love!
Well-being financial!
For the best year ever!

For friends

Friendly feast


Happy New Year! With new happiness!
Dear friend! You're so beautiful!
I am almost in love with you!
So pour me wine!
Dance the waltz with me!
This night is just for us!


Pour champagne soon!
Chimes beat on the Spasskaya Tower!
In life be my friend, bold!
And then you're some kind of home!
Look around! Open your eyes!
How many prospects, opportunities!
For this we drink to the bottom!
Let all difficulties go round you!


Happy new year friends!
Happy New Year, beloved!
Let the trouble passes!
Be all of you happy!


How will you meet the New Year.
So you will spend it.
So you drink compote
Will you be healthy!
For classmates, classmates


I do not want to be banal
And yet I will say:
Wish you happiness
In the new year!
I wish you health!
Good luck! Love!
Coziness! Heat!
And simple kindness!
Do not measure others
By your sins.
Live as it should,
And God will be with you!


With you we passed a hundred roads!
I copied from your notebook!
I wish you a new year
Find answers to riddles:
Where is the knight of your heart?
And which sea is your house!
And may the year bring happiness
Just be ready for this!


Classmates native!
Happy New Year! With new happiness!
Be forever young!
Be forever you are beautiful!


Christmas extravaganza
Swallow honest people.
With pleasure, with pleasure
Meet the good New Year.

For distant relatives

A meeting


To you Grandfather Frost
Brought happiness to the house.
Circled to dance.
With new happiness! Happy New Year!


Let and distant relatives,
But it’s still a family!
Happy New Year! With new happiness!
Let everything be in our power!
If anything, forgive everything!
Come visit more often!
The table is set! Food in bulk!
Let's manage the ball together!


Happy New Year!
I sincerely wish you happiness!
And let it not be a hindrance
Lots of joy and laughter!


Let the New Year blizzard swirl!
And the time has come excellent!
Let all wishes come true!
And the rainy days will be forgotten!

Helpful Tips

New Year decoration

New Year's Style

Decide in what style you will celebrate the New Year 2019. Agree, if every year the same thing: Olivier and the “fur coat”, skiing from the hills, and fortune telling, it can get boring. Tradition is good! But even better to break them. Then next year everything will be exactly what you want, as before.

So, you can hold a celebration in the Italian style. Then the menu will be: pizza, pasta, tiramisu, panakota. And what about the great Italian tradition of throwing out old stuff before the New Year? Feel free to take the bag and conduct a full audit. Did you do the cleaning beforehand? Then get rid of obsolete thoughts from your head.In 2019 with new positive thoughts! And it is also important to prepare New Year grapes for each family member. Each should get 12 pieces. If during the celebration a person eats all 12 berries, then all 12 months will be filled with happiness, joy and fun.

New Year can be celebrated as the French. Then the menu will be: blood sausage, baked poultry with lentils, peas and other legumes. For a sweet - surprise cake. You can put a coin or a bean in it. Who will get a piece of cake with the subject - that will be lucky in the coming year.

There are still many countries in the world and each is famous for its traditions and peculiarities. Feel free to learn and practice! And perhaps the words of your family will be: every year a new country!

Christmas fuss

We are abolishing the tradition: mother is preparing, everyone else is waiting for the holiday. Let all family members be involved in the cooking process. One rolls out the dough, the second slices the onions, the third cuts the tomatoes and everyone is crying with happiness. Or mom makes herself beautiful, and dad with children preparing a festive dinner. Here's how to cook, and there will be. Or one call to the food delivery service, and a wonderful dinner on the table.


A party

An excellent solution to arrange a dance hall at home and shake the salads. Just need to make a mirror ball, set the spotlights, make the music louder and dance boldly. Music can pick up thematic, New Year. And you can fly into the past, creating a playlist of the 70's, 80's, 90's. Experiment!

Tourist New Year

While in Russia, winter, Christmas trees, garlands, and somewhere sand, palm trees and the sea. And if such a holiday in life has not yet been, boldly embody it in reality. Travel companies offer a wide choice of places where you can relax your body and soul economically.


Topics for talking have ended. All toasts are said. All songs are sung. All salutes released into the sky. It's time to write a poem. Sit down as a family, and let everyone suggest the development of a common poem on a line. Do not rhyme? Then let it be a fairy tale. New family tale for next year. And in a year you will read and see how it affected your family life. Or you can rethink the words to a famous song. And let it be your family anthem.


No family, and tired of loneliness? Then feel free to wear the best dress and go to the neighbors, friends, to the main square of the city,make friends! All the most unexpected and wonderful happens in the New Year! In the four walls with a glass of champagne from loneliness can not get rid of.

Video plot


Let each family member come up with an original costume for themselves. And you can all dress up as heroes of some cartoon or film. Children will be especially delighted.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree - a family tree for the holidays. So it should be dressed up the whole family. Tired of old toys? Upgrade your assortment! At Christmas bazaars a lot of jewelry for every taste and purse. And even better to decorate the tree with homemade toys. Spend an evening of creativity, and the whole family make Christmas toys.


What holiday passes without gifts? How to choose the gift that family members dream of? You can ask everyone to write a wish list. For example, hang a piece of paper on the refrigerator, where everyone will be marked. Such a kind of family wish list. The main thing is to remember about him not on December 31, but at least on the 15th, during the New Year sales and fairs. At this time, you can still have time to get the desired gifts.

Video Tips

Movie show

Go round the whole year like a squirrel in a wheel and the New Year is the only way to lie on the bed without remorse? Arrange yourself a New Year non-stop movies. Close only support.

I hope that you will not read the article on December 31 at 10:00 pm, when there is no time left for preparation. And you will not become headlong with one hand to cook a panacot, and the second cut a snowflake to hang it on a Christmas tree that does not exist. And in the breaks to call relatives and hastily read the congratulations from the article. Hope you read it before. And the New Year bustle will seem like a big holiday than 12 strikes on the Spasskaya Tower, under which you make a most intimate wish.

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