Poems for the Last Bell 2017 from graduates of grades 9-11 touching to tears - to the class teacher and subject teachers. Beautiful poems in honor of the Last Bell

PZ-001Beautiful, inspirational and touching tears to the last bell are a great opportunity for graduates of grades 9-11 to thank their subject teachers, class teacher and other members of the staff for their knowledge, care, love and warmth. Rhymed works need to pre-pick, memorize and at the time of the solemn event with an expression to recite aloud. Mentors will be very pleased and flattering to hear from the mouth of their youngWards warm congratulatory phrases and kind, sincere wishes expressed frankly and from the heart.

To tears beautiful poems on the last call from graduates to the class teacher - examples of texts

In the life of each student there is the most special teacher - the class teacher. He pays much more attention to children than all other teachers, delves into the problems and disagreements that arise in the classroom, becomes a fair arbiter in disputes between schoolchildren and helps to resolve conflicts. This person sometimes knows about the guys even more than moms and dads, and always tries to come to the aid of their beloved wards. It is the class teacher who creates a comfortable environment in the children's collective and turns the class into a close-knit, friendly family, where everyone stands by the mountain for each other. Boys and girls trust their secrets to this teacher, they go to him for advice, they expect all-round support from him and they always get it. Last Call Day is a great opportunity to thank this kind, patient and understanding person for their warmth and cordiality.And you can do this by reading during the festive event the beautiful and touching tears of poems dedicated to the class teacher. Lovely, gentle rhymed lines, filled with the most sincere emotions and feelings, will easily find a way to the mentor's heart and show him how highly students value his love, work, patience and care.



You are the teachers for us all the more
After all, we ran to you with our misfortune and happiness.
You were happy with us when you had success
And our disagreements settled down.

To say goodbye to you is the most difficult for us,
After all, so many years under your leadership
Our class was learning friendship and work,
Patience, science, nobility.

We are grateful for your great work.
Be sure that he was not in vain.
We wish you strength for many long years.
You are on call the head of the class!


Today, memory is turning back -
Oh, how many happy events!
For your invaluable work we hasten to say
Thank you, our cool leader!

Thanks for always pushing us.
Go ahead, making you believe in strength,
Rally managed to friendship our class
And they taught unchangeable truths.

Patriotism, honesty, good,
Love and mercy ... forever
Before you, our teacher, we are in debt
For what we have instilled humanity.

Health to you, success day after day
Under the trill call last wish!
And know that we will not let you down
What we remember, adore and miss!


Thank you for your kindness.
For your knowledge, lessons, warmth.
For everything that you taught us to see.
For all that you teach you hurry!

You always tried to understand us
For stupidity and pranks to forgive,
Shared with us joy and misfortune
You taught us to work and work.

So glad we are that life has bound us,
What we got exactly in your class.
We wish you a lot of fun.
You always have a great mood!

Sweet to tears poems on the last call from the graduates to the subject


Festive events on the occasion of the Last Call and the end of the school year are not without congratulations and good wishes. Graduates sincerely thank their mentors for their patience, care and understanding and reinforce their words to tears with touching poems dedicated to subject teachers. After all, these stubborn, dedicated and very kind people with a huge loving heart every day came to the lessons and tried in a simple and intelligible form to bring to the children all the wisdom of algebra and geometry, physics and chemistry, Russian, English and German,biology, astronomy and other major disciplines included in the school curriculum. The warm thanks, said by the graduates in the form of trembling and inspired rhymed lines, sinks teachers in the soul and remains in the memory for a long time. Teachers are happy that they have managed to educate children open, honest and honest people who respect hard, but necessary for society work of the teacher.


From “two and two” to complex equations
We have passed a very interesting path.
To our days from the ancient teachings
You told us this science.
Thank you for everything you have learned,
For the information we have been told about the cargo.
We wish you, that in your life were
All numbers only with a plus sign.
The complexity of simplicity!
With computer science "on you"
Our computer teacher,
Megabytes overlord.
Congratulations. Let the hard drive
It will be as fast as the wind,
So that no one virus
Did not get into the section "admin".
All Russian writers, poets
And critics, straining their talent,
Wrote a text for your subject -
So that we can then write dictation;
And let him write poetry now is not fashionable,
But we are not in a hurry to give in to fashion:
After all, we want to congratulate you today
Not dictation - only from the heart!

Mental verses on the last call in the 11th form to teachers


The last call in the 11th grade is a fun, optimistic and, at the same time, a bit sad holiday. Graduates are happy that they graduated from school and are preparing for a completely new adult life. Teachers are proud to look at their wards, so beautiful, smart and self-confident, and sly tears off eyelashes. Their favorite students have grown up and will soon scatter around the world to get a higher education, build a successful career and create happy families. But first, they will express the most sincere gratitude to their dear teachers and will read them inspired and sincere farewell poems. In touching poetic lines, the graduates will thank most mentors for having given their love to children for so many years, taught the mind and reason and inculcated such important concepts as friendship, mutual aid, selflessness, honesty, dedication and the ability to extend a helping hand to those who needs it.

Examples of emotional and touching poems for teachers for the holiday of the Last Bell in Grade 11 - texts and videos


Thank you teachers
For being a round earth
For Troy and for Carthage
For benzochloropropylene
For LM and SHI, for two and two
For your kind words
Those that are now in store
For all of us, we THANK YOU!


Let me say thank you,
Allow me to look into your eyes,
Our soul is heavy and lumpy -
We go to a new way!
We say goodbye to you and the school
We say goodbye to the class family,
Expects in life a new path,
We know it will not be easy!
Thank you for giving us
The ability to love and dream,
We were given everything that they themselves knew
We will miss you all!
We will not forget our own school,
We will all miss you
And entering into life is not easy
We promise to study everything!


How many words of soul sounded,
And we will repeat them more than once:
Congratulations to the teachers,
And from the bottom of our hearts we thank you
For being raised and taught,
Brought up, sowed good,
Skills and knowledge invested,
Gave understanding, warm.
We wish you success and good luck,
Health, strength for many years,
The disciples are diligent and obedient.
And we will never forget you!

Funny poems on the last bell in grade 9 to subject teachers by name

Even the most simple and unsophisticated poems sound during the holiday of the Last Bell touching and inspiring, butif the name of one of the teachers is also mentioned in them, the effect of the congratulatory lines is greatly enhanced. After all, every person is immensely pleased when they single out him personally, and they even call him by name. Students can read such welcoming words aloud to teachers or, writing on a beautiful themed postcard, hand them along with a bouquet of flowers and a small memorable souvenir.


The children leaving the school after the 9th grade need to pick up works that are filled with words of gratitude to teachers for the knowledge, love, patience and care shown during all the years of study. And for boys and girls who plan to return to their desks in September, it is better to find rhymed couplets containing a promise to continue to be more industrious and assiduous, always prepare well for lessons and never disregard useful tips and valuable recommendations from their mentors.


Both physics and astronomy you need to know,
Told us (the name of the teacher) every now and then.
But listen to her it's not bored
After all, she is a good storyteller
About the current and resistance of the conductor
About the part of the Galaxy, the heavenly bodies.
- It is very strict, - you can only hear from the lazy.
But the one who wants to know - science knows it,
And in the classroom the best grades
With great success gets.


In sports we will plunge with a head
Let's play volleyball, show judo
After all (our teacher’s name) is ours
We are encouraged, where necessary - help us.
We understand well
What physical training to do.
And we will pour cold water
And in old age their legs will not get stuck.
Phys-ra - our favorite subject!
And, being engaged every day,
We will live in health for many years!


In the workshop of the CPC
Wu (name of teacher) work is in full swing
Girls all "work to sweat"
Just want to be beautiful.
Knit, sew and embroider
And all dream of good:
As all the outfits will sew,
They will create coziness in the family ...
And not far from the meeting with the noble couturier ...
And she is the source of everything - (the name of the teacher)!

Short, cool poems on the last call to the subject teachers


Fun, optimistic and funny poems are a great greeting option for subject teachers at the Last Bell celebration. It is most likely that there will be no opportunity to dedicate to each teacher a long work, since the format of the event requires that the program fit into a certain amount of time.But read for mathematician, fizruk, chemist, physicist and other teachers 1-2 amusing quatrains, clearly, it will turn out.

To make the presentation look spectacular and make a more vivid impression, it is worth attracting all the students of the class to participate in it. For each of the children, you need to pick up a separate short verse, or divide the larger poetic work into couplets and invite the graduates to learn them by heart. During the holiday, the boys and girls will take turns reading rhymed lines with congratulations and pleasant wishes, in such a beautiful way thanks to the subject teachers for their love, care and attention, donated during the years of school.


Since childhood, Russian words
We used to listen.
Not always in class
Everyone was obedient ...
But they learned in full
Words, verbs ...
Pity it's time to leave us
The walls of our school!


We studied islands and continents,
Learned a lot about landscapes and land.
Over all these scientific moments
Teacher, thank you doubly!
After all, it is always useful,
When we leave school forever.
Remind only graduation tapes
We will be these young years ...


Interesting science chemistry,
Lets learn a lot.

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