Wedding poems

Wedding - a solemn and bright holiday. In honor of the newlyweds sound a lot of toasts and congratulations, in which relatives and guests convey their most sincere and warm wishes. In addition, the fun casual atmosphere of the holiday is actively supported by holding various comic contests and practical jokes. Particularly uplifting the mood of the newlyweds are the comic poems to the wedding, which often accompany the delivery of amusing gifts "with meaning."


Comic gifts with poems for the wedding

What kind of gift drawings can be presented to young people? Here are some examples of comic gifts with poems:

I give you a cucumber - so that there is a well-done husband
Handkerchiefs - so that your daughters were born,
I give a mug - to give birth to Andryushka,
Cabbage - so that there was no empty house, etc.

The donor pronounces this comic verse-congratulation and in turn takes out all the above-listed items from the bag. At the end of this mini-scene from the same bag gets a bundle of money. Undoubtedly, the general fun at the wedding table is provided!

Another option for a comic gift for a wedding is a vegetable set, which should be placed in an elegant package and also alternately taken with a “poetic” accompaniment.

"We give you, young, carrots, so that the daughter-in-law loved her mother-in-law,
And we give you a bow - let him save you from separation,
But you and the cabbage - so that there was not in the house empty,
And also cucumbers - so that the tomboy was born,
And you and radish - to rarely quarrel "

It is known that the most important thing for every family is to keep their hearths. Who, no matter how young wife should henceforth support the fire in the family hearth? Therefore, comic wedding poems addressed to the bride can be accompanied by the presentation of the symbol of the hearth (clay or faience souvenir drawn on paper).

You are given a focus now and forever.
Let it burn like light in the eyes, like a heart in a man ...
From the hearth, all life has gone from the depths of time.
The source of light and heat - let it not go out.
You show agility of hands, manage to do everything so.
To a lot of miles around your glory was glorious.

Comic gifts with poems for the wedding of friends - a great excuse in a playful form to wish the newly minted spouses all the best.In addition, true friends know the peculiarities of the character of the bride or groom, so comic gifts and greetings will certainly fall into the “point”.

We thought for a long time-wondered what to give to you, the newlyweds.
And as a result, several of them handed over presents.
Let's begin, perhaps, with the wise book about pleasure and love.
So that the husband on the side did not start an affair,
More often, little wife, look at her.


Here is this useful thing on the farm will certainly come in handy.
For pies, you can roll out the dough and roll it up well.


We look forward with impatience to the family of your replenishment.
Let the doll become a nice one, this is for you a visual training mock-up.


When all the guests walk up, they will get drunk and go home after the banquet,
Inspired by the intoxicating drink, drink a nice night of love.


In order for a family to live with dignity, you need to dig money.
Take this pig as a gift and feed it in time.

Saying these comic poems, the donor presents the newlyweds “Kama Sutra”, a rolling pin, a nude doll, a bottle of brandy and a piggy pig. Such comic gifts will surely raise your spirits and cause fun.

Comic wedding poems can be presented not only orally, but also in the form of posters, which are best hung on the walls of the banquet room. And if you "put" poems to music and congratulate the young spouses fun song? Such a wish-song will long remain in the memories!


It is commonly believed in the people
That you do not understand each other,
Do not eat pounds of salt
Joint in feast!
We ask you to take the pood as a gift,
Salt and eat start!
No no! Do not hide in a corner -
You this salt, spouses!

Together with these comic poems, the newlyweds are solemnly presented with "a pound of salt" in a beautiful bag. In addition to salt, you can donate a wooden tub (“for salting cabbage from dollars”), a groom — socks (with the words “You need socks so that you have sons!”), The bride — handkerchiefs (“Here are your handkerchiefs so that you can have ! ").

It is known that at the wedding, young people get a lot of "serious" gifts - crystal vases, bedspreads and rugs, watches, irons, refrigerators and televisions. Such gifts are presented with great solemnity, accompanying congratulations and wishes. However, the gift of a useful thing can also be accompanied by a comic verse.


So, relatives give the newlyweds a warm beautiful blanket. The following verses are attached to this gift:

Both in winter and in cool summer
Nothing is more reliable than a plaid.
Angels will warm you to spite -
The house will come and comfort and warmth.

Modernity "dictates" its criteria for a wedding gift. A great gift for a wedding is a computer or laptop, which is accompanied by such a funny verse:

A laptop! A laptop!
Man's best friend.
He will find you a job,
He will find you leisure.
To you the prosperity will come to the house -
Laptop is a dashing income
From accounts of Swiss banks
On your account will transfer.

Comic wedding poems should be correct and appropriate. Unambiguous and offensive hints "in rhyme" are unacceptable, so it is important to pick up comic poems for wedding gifts before the wedding begins. In addition, we should not forget about the age of the newlyweds - usually comic poems and gifts are given to young people, while older spouses will more like “serious” gifts and poems. Enjoy your wedding surprises!

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