Portrait of Melania Trump criticized for too large a diamond

The fact that the first official portrait of Melania Trump in the role of the first lady will be criticized, one could not doubt. First, it so happened that the portraits of all first ladies, without exception, taken to dust and dust (remember at least Michelle Obama, who long justified for a dress with open shoulders, inappropriate dress code). Secondly, Donald Trump's wife is not very popular in the US, so she could not avoid the increased attention in any case.

So what did Melanie get for, which seems to have taken into account all the mistakes of her predecessors in order to be as advantageous as possible against the background of the famous semicircular stained-glass window of the White House (like Nancy Reagan, with whom she is often compared). At first glance, eye-catching, of course, retouching, although the photoshop is the second. Hard criticism was caused by a diamond on the finger of the first lady.A ring with a stone weighing 15 carats Melania received from her spouse for the 10th anniversary of her wedding in 2014. But is it appropriate to adorn the official portrait? Especially with a promise to serve the interests of Americans? It doesn’t add modesty, even despite simple styling, with a black blazer and a bow covering the décolleté area.

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